Grieving wife lived with husband’s body for 2 months

A mourning woman lived with her dead husband for almost two months, taking care of his corpse as if he were still alive, until his brother visited their home in Nakhon Pathom’s Sam Phran district and discovered the truth.

Police and rescue workers directed to the house at Soi Morsri in tambon Tha Kham found the woman, identified later as Sunapa Namkorn, sitting beside the body of her late husband, Wichian Sukcharoen.

Wichian, 47, died of a chronic disease almost two months ago. His relatives and neighbours had been kept in the dark about his death, as his wife did not tell anyone and there were no funeral rites for him, Thairath Onlne reported on Wednesday.

His elder brother discovered the sad, tragic truth when travelled from Phetchaburi province to visit his son at Salaya in Nakhon Pathom. The man later went to visit his brother Wichian, but found only his corpse. He saw the widow bathing the body before sprinkling it with powder.

When questioned, she told police she and her husband had been married for five years. Wichian had worked as a security guard. He fell ill and had to quit the job to seek treatment at Sam Phran hospital. She had taken care of him until the last minute. He died in July.

The woman said she loved him dearly as he was a good man and family breadwinner. She was torn apart by his death and did not want others to take his body away for funeral rites.

After hearing the story, police asked the woman to take his body to the temple for religious rites.