Late to work? Blame the BTS

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A train breakdown at the BTS Mor Chit station delayed skytrain services for about an hour this morning.

Update: One of our Facebook followers just wrote saying some BTS trains were stuck between stations.

Were you late to work this morning?

Well, if you needed to take the BTS to work between 8 – 9am this morning, you probably were.

Here is the story from our online reporters:

Breakdown disrupts peak hour BTS trains

Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) electric train services in Bangkok were disrupted when train No.6 broke down at Mor Chit station about 7.50am, reports said.

The malfunctioning train blocked the track, preventing BTS putting all 30 trains into use and resulting in long delays.

Thousands of peak-hour commuters were stranded at all stations waiting for their trains.

The problem was not solved until train No.6 had been removed and all the other trains put into service.

Skytrain services returned to normal from about 8.50am.