1 person has surrendered, the market mafia gang attacked the police. Ang Thong

Ang Thong, March 17 – Ang Thong's commander complained to prosecute the flea market mafia gang to the extreme. After attacking three police officers while seizing pirated goods Recently, one person has surrendered and was sent to prison immediately.

From the incident of the investigative police officer Ang Thong Provincial Police Investigation Division Physically assaulted by a group of men While inspecting trademark infringing products Inside a flea market in Muang District, Ang Thong Province, causing the police Three people were injured and had to flee the scene.

Police Lieutenant Chakrabongse One of the police officers who had been beaten had to rest at Pa Mok Hospital. because he was attacked in the head until he had to wait to observe the symptoms which the doctor had to closely monitor the symptoms because Lt. Lt. Chakrapong There are many congenital diseases that are afraid to relapse. while the police officers invited the witnesses which is a local media that can take a clip of the incident but was surrounded by a group of strong men inside the market And forcing the deletion of the aforementioned picture clip to ask along with the phone that took the clip to coordinate with the expert to recover the clip to be used as additional evidence.

market owner side brought a group of more than 30 merchants to travel to the Ang Thong Provincial Police Headquarters and sent a representative to meet with Maj. Gen. Paisan Prukjamroon, commander of the Ang Thong Provincial Police. to discuss such events. One of the merchants arrested by the police recalled that When the police came to arrest His son is guarding the shop. and was arrested by the authorities along with some of the goods Which, while being arrested, the officers did not demand money to clear anything confirmed that legal proceedings will be taken only In the episode where there was an attack on each other I didn't see it because I rushed to collect the shop.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Paisarn revealed after a group of merchants and market owners came to talk, confirming that he would prosecute the offenders to the end. because what the police officers went to perform their duties clearly and according to the order of the commander to tighten the arrest which is unlikely to happen Also thanks to the police officers who were attacked. even with a firearm but also patient, restrained, not used to self-defense After this, we must be strict in maintaining the peace of the country. because it happens often

Later, Maj. Gen. Paisarn traveled to visit the injuries of Police Lieutenant Chakrabongse One of the attacked police officers was resting at Pa Mok Hospital. because he was attacked in the head until he had to wait to observe the symptoms which the doctor revealed that the symptoms must be closely monitored as well as ordered to take full care of various welfare matters due to injuries while on duty Including all police officers affected by this incident as a gift and encouragement

While Pol. Col. Pojanakorn Kanjina, Superintendent of Muang Ang Thong Police Station Summon the investigative team to lay out the guidelines for solving the case. By instructing the investigative team to collect evidence to prosecute all perpetrators Which has to wait for the recovery of the mobile phone pictures of the victims and further interrogation before being combined with existing images. to prosecute all the strong men who caused the crime

Initially, Mr. Yutakarn, 47 years old, or Mr. Nueng, who was in the aforementioned clip, turned himself in to the police. Muang Ang Thong Police Station before the officers reported the allegations. Join together to fight against the official or legal assistant official in the performance of duties. Performing acts of violence or threatening to use acts of violence Jointly coercing an official to act in a wrongful manner or to refrain from performing his duties by using acts of violence or threatening to use acts of violence by jointly committing offenses together from three persons or more. Before taking him to request the power of the Ang Thong Provincial Court to imprison him immediately.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency