12 Functions That You Would Desire From This Amazing Multi Position Bee Towers Tablet Stand

SINGAPORE, July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Do you find your arms become tired holding your tablet in the desired viewing position? If you do, you are not alone. Fortunately, help is here. Bee Towers fully adjustable freestanding Tablet Floor Stand eliminates the need to hold your tablet so you can spend time enjoying your tablet like never before. Use it anywhere in your home or office. Read, stream videos, watch movies, or surf the internet.

Bee Towers Tablet Floor Stand

1: One size fits all

Universal holder, fits general 5″ to 11″ diagonal size tablets. Free from worry if you are upgrading your tablets to different sizes.

2: Tablet thickness is not a problem

Adjustable thickness pad from 0.2″ up to 0.5″ to fit most tablet thickness and tablet cover in the market.

3: Spring locking with rubber foot grip

Flip spring locking mechanism easily locks your tablet securely against the thickness pad. These combination works perfectly to prevent your tablet from shifting or slipping.

4: Sand filled counter weight base

Sturdy counter weight approximately 9kg/ 19.8 pound with diameter or 340mm/13.38″. It comes with a carry handle hidden below the cover.

5: Telescoping body

Telescoping body by a push of button let you adjust your desire height and automatically locks it to position when you release. Approximate max body height: 905mm/35.63″

6: Telescoping arm

The arm length is also extendable by a push of button and serves you comfortably while you are on your bed or couch. Approximate max arm extension: 610mm/24.02″

7: Tilting the arm to 180deg angle & greater height

You can do a lot more adjustment with this arm. The arm comes with tension mechanism which let you tilt up and down. To secure position, hold the arm and fasten the locking knob. Approx. tilt angle: 5deg to 180deg vertically

8: Spin the arm 360deg horizontally

Other than tilting function, you could also spin the arm horizontally 360deg and secure it to your position with a pull and push back gear system.

9: Holder 360deg flip system

This function is easily performed by pulling and pushing back the gear system locates at the arm. This would be a useful function if you lay down to watch video or sharing/showing your content to someone sitting/standing close to you.

10: Rotating Ball Joint Grip

While all tablets come with screen rotation in landscape or portrait depending on how you turn your tablet, Bee Towers holder could also perform this orientation function physically with rotating ball joint.

11: Enjoy your moment

With ergonomic design, you could enjoy longer moment with your tablet for reading, watching videos. Bee Towers locking mechanism design and precision manufactured parts also minimizes tablet oscillation, eliminates slipping when you are using it for typing, sliding or soft gaming.

12: Easy storage

No tool is needed to assemble and dismantle. While not in use, you may return the telescoping body & arm to minimum length and tilt the free standing stand’s arm back towards the body.

Once you experience the convenience and versatility of a Bee Towers tablet holder, you will rarely go back to holding your tablet again.

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Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140610/116372