12,482 Employers and 38,107 Migrant Workers Registered on First Day

Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul gave a speech after visiting the report center for foreign worker management at Sampeng Building 2 (Phase 3) on Kalaprapuek Road, Bang Khae. He said that the first day of service had gone by problem-free across all 100 centers. He urged employers to process their registrations within 15 days from today until 7 August 2017, to avoid shorter lead times. On the overall view of the Foreign Worker Management Act since 23 June, the Labour Minister said that the public have provided cooperation which is evident from the statistics from 23 June until today, where 50,522 applications have asked to change employers, 95,552 to apply for permits and 390,272 applications for migrant worker employment. The Labour Minister commended employers for their cooperation and successful migration of over 190,000 workers through MOU channels.

The Labour Minister emphasized total transparency and elimination of unauthorized gains. He said that any of the ministry's officers receiving unauthorized offerings would be heavily penalized and that any leads could be reported to the NCPO's center for corruption reporting in military units, the MOL's complaint center and the Department of Employment's' 1694 hotline. The Labour Minister also reiterated that there would be no other opportunity after the closing of the application period.

From there, the Labour Minister and committee visited the report center in the Navy's Nantha Utthayan Club, the Command and General Staff College at the Army Training Command Center and the Ministry of Labour's foyer, which had many employer's complete applications at the center and many more taking the application home to complete.

The Labour Minster then chaired the meeting to conclude the operations from the reporting centers on foreign worker management at the ministry's War Room. The data (as of 24 July at 20.30 hours) showed a total of 12,482 employers and 38,107 workers who registered, consisting of 10,872 employers and 35,545 registrations at the center, and another 1,610 employers and 2,352 workers online. From this statistic, 210 employees filled out the online form incompletely, with the majority being Burmese workers, followed by Cambodian then Laotian workers. The top 10 provinces with the highest number of applications including Sarabrui, Chon Buri, Buri Ram, Kamphaeng Phet, Trang, Rayong, Chantaburi, Yasothon, Kanchanaburi and Phatthalung.

Service user Miss Puntida Buaboon aged 44 years, currently the owner of a silver bracelet and apparel business, explained that she had registered 15 migrant workers. She said that the service provided was convenient, efficient and easy, taking up only 15 minutes to complete. She commended the officers for good service and recommended other employers to register workers at the centers within the 15 days. Miss Puntida also advised employers to download the form from www.doe.go.th if travelling to the centers is inconvenient.

Source: Ministry of Labour