2-storey house fire kills 8 lives

Samut Songkhram, March 17 – A 2-storey house in Samut Songkhram municipality burned down, 8 residents, both children and adults, fled to their deaths. The little girl begged for school uniforms and educational equipment.

At about 1:00 a.m. today (17 March 2023), a fire occurred at the house of Mrs. Moron, 70 years old, a 2-storey house in the municipality of Samut Songkhram. with the fire spreading rapidly due to dry air and wind blowing causing the fire to burn down the whole house Officers brought a total of 5 fire engines to control the raging fire, taking almost an hour to bring the fire under control. But the house was completely destroyed.

Inquiring about Mrs. Mortgage, the owner of the house said that before the incident, he was sweeping the house. To prepare to make merit at Ban Yok Khru's house this morning, I suddenly heard a loud noise. So hurry out and see Found that the fire had spread from the 2nd floor down, so informed the staff to help.

Ms. Kamolthip, the daughter of the homeowner, said that before the incident she was making milk for the baby. while laying down heard a loud bang in the house I thought that my mother was preparing to make merit at home this morning. After a while, a speck of dust fell down. So open the door of the house to see saw the fire on the whole red house so shouted for someone to help and hurriedly called her 7-year-old daughter and held her 3-month-old baby to escape death. In addition, there were 3 grandchildren in the house, namely a 6-year-old girl, a 3-month-old girl and a 4-month-old grandchild who did not Has taken out all belongings Because I can't escape Therefore, I would like to ask the philanthropist to help their family as well.

A girl in Grade 6 said that while she was sleeping, her mother suddenly called her to run away. Didn't even take out the school uniform and stationery, causing them to burn out. Begging kind adults to help support school uniforms and educational equipment.

The preliminary investigation revealed that There are 2 families in this house, 3 adults, 3 elementary school children and 2 toddlers. suspected to be caused by a short circuit Which officials will continue to investigate the true cause. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency