2014 Zhongguancun Big Data Day to be Held in Beijing

BEIJING, December 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — 2014 Zhongguancun Big Data Day will be held at the Cloud Plaza Hotel in Zhongguancun Software Park, Beijing on December 11, while being simulcast on the large screen overlooking New York’s Times Square. Themed "aggregating data assets and driving industrial innovation", the event will explore such topics as deep data technology as well as the management and leveraging of data assets. In addition, discussions will be held on what the experience has been across several sectors, including for the major processors of the data as well as for the government and the financial community, in terms of industrial transformation and innovation through data asset management and handling.

From data to assets, from data value to asset realization, from industry leaders to the aggregation of the ecosystem, the themed event promises to deliver insights into big data assets, key technologies and industry experience, as well as explain how to promote industrial collaboration and build a big data ecosystem that achieves an across the board win-win result for all.

Several government officials, including Zhongguancun Administrative Committee director Guo Hong and Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council Zhang Laiming, will deliver speeches at the event. Technology and industry leaders from AsiaInfo, Tencent, Baidu and Cloud Valley will share cutting-edge big data technologies and applications. Representatives and technology experts from the government, telecommunications and finance sectors will be invited to brainstorm and discuss the current status and trends in the management and leveraging of data assets in around table forum.

The three sessions scheduled to take place during the afternoon will bring together experts and leaders from the government, telecommunications and financial sectors, among others, to exchange ideas about data asset management, maximizing the value of the data and how to facilitate government and industry leveraging their strengths in business innovation. The participants will talk about their experience across key industries, with different business models and how they dealt with technical issues, as well as with the preconceived notions and difficulties encountered during implementation, at both the macro and micro levels. The talks will focus on three topics, with the participants basing their viewpoints on industry experience in and the regional exploration ofdata asset management: development and policy trends across the big data sector, how data processors can use big data resources and capabilities to accelerate their transformation and how data assets can restructure the financial ecosystem.

A press conference announcing the strategic cooperation between the Development Research Center of the State Council and AsiaInfo will be held during the event. Both parties will jointly elaborate on a range of collaborative efforts, including building a big data-based industrial development and predictive index platform. The data asset cloud map and "all-in-one machine for data asset management", both developed in-house by AsiaInfo, will make their debuts at the event.

The event is organized by AsiaInfo, Cloud Valley, Guoyan Culture, the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Association and BeagleData. As a pioneer in developing the national strategy for big data, Zhongguancun Software Park first advocated the application of big data, established Big Data Day and founded the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Association in 2012. As a driver of big data technologies, products, industries and markets, the association has been facilitating the implementation of the concept of big data and driving its innovation. AsiaInfo, a leader in big data technologies and an enabler of industry applications, has continually been committed to driving the perfection of an industry ecosystem and in maximizing the value of data assets. As a first mover in big data, Cloud Valley has also been dedicated to the research into and the promotion of data aggregation and technology innovation.

On December 11, these leaders and professionals will gather together again, and use their charisma as well as unite together as one voice, to drive the growth of data aggregation and leverage the power of data aggregation to facilitate the realization of the value of data assets and jointly build a big data ecosystem.

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