Destroy illegal radio communication warehouses in the middle of the city

Bangkok, May 20-Break down illegal radio communication warehouses in commercial buildings in the heart of the city. after found smuggling through online More than 260 units were seized.

Cyber Police in collaboration with NBTC and Excise Department Breaking down a pirated radio communication warehouse in a commercial building on Jaru Muang Road, Pathum District, after detecting illegal sales through online channels, Facebook found Mr. Pat, showing himself as the owner and leading the raid. Seized more than 260 devices worth more than 400,000 baht license issuer" arrested the accused and handed him over to the police at Pathum Wan Police Station for further legal proceedings.

At present, it is found that such tools and equipment are smuggled illegally. and smuggled and sold to the general public which violates the law on radio communications defined It also causes damage to the economy and society.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

EGAT has opened the sale of envelopes for the Mae Moh Solar Farm Project.

Bangkok, May 20 – EGAT has opened the sale of the Mae Moh Solar Farm Project 38.5 MWac until the end of May 2023.

Mr. Tidet Iamsai, Deputy Governor for Power Plant Development and Renewable Energy The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has announced that EGAT has opened the bidding documents for the construction of the Mae Moh Solar Farm Phase 1 project with a capacity of 38.5 megawatts (MWac) between May 16-31, 2023. And the envelope is scheduled to open in late June 2023. Mae Moh Solar Farm Project Phase 1 generates electricity for mining by EGAT Mae Moh to help reduce electricity consumption from Mae Moh Power Plant during daytime. as well as taking part in moving Thailand toward its goal of carbon neutrality (Carbon Neutrality) in 2050 and achieving net zero emissions by 2065.

Mae Moh Solar Farm Project Located at Mae Moh Sub-district, Mae Moh District, Lampang Province, with an area of about 490 rai, when the construction is complete, it will be connected to the 22 kilovolt (kV) electricity network of Mae Moh Mine. Electricity is scheduled to be used in 2024. Those interested can see more details at the website. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Wealth prepares to send relief items to help Myanmar

Bangkok, May 20 – The Royal Thai Air Force prepares two C-130 aircraft to deliver humanitarian aid to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. in the wake of cyclone Mocha

Air Chief Marshal Prapas Sonjadee, spokesman for the Royal Thai Air Force, revealed that cyclone Mocha hit Rakhine State of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar on May 14. resulting in houses and utility systems were damaged in many areas. Including the people have suffered a lot.

The Royal Thai Air Force therefore has prepared two Type 8 transport aircraft (C-130H) to deliver humanitarian relief items to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. with scheduled travel on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Flight Wing 6 - Yangon - Wing 6

And on Friday, May 19, 2023, Air Chief Marshal Somporn Taepanich, Director of the Department of Civil Affairs, Air Force as a representative of the Royal Thai Air Force receiving relief items from various agencies at the Air Transport Department, Wing 6, Don Mueang as follows:

canned fish and instant noodles from the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade of Thailand by Khun Teerawat Sidakaew, Manager of Social Development and Sufficiency Economy Department, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Ratwara Thongkam, Manager of Social Development and Good Governance Division, Thai Chamber of Commerce as representatives

tents and instant noodles from The Siam Cement Public Company Limited

Red Cross survival bags, flashlights, mosquito repellent spray, trash bags, steamed rice, canned fish, instant noodles, Ovaltine 3in1 from the Thai Red Cross Society.

The Royal Thai Air Force is ready to use the capabilities of air power, such as personnel, aircraft, and equipment to support, assist, and relieve suffering for people suffering from disasters both domestically and friendly countries. in order to be able to return to live a normal life .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Thai Embassy in South Korea organize a mobile consular project

South Korea, May 20 – Proactive Services Thai Embassy in South Korea organize a mobile consular project passport service Health checkup for Thai workers Mental health physical health counseling strengthening Thai labor

On Saturday 20 May 2023, Mr. Bancha Yuenyongchongcharoen, Minister together with Ms. Menaka Thitsaro, Consul and consular officers Assigned by Mr. Witchu Vejjajiva, Ambassador of Thailand to Seoul, to organize a traveling consular project in order to provide a new passport service and receive birth notification along with a project to provide counseling and basic physical and mental health check-ups by a team of doctors from the Department of Medical Services Ministry of Public Health to Thai people in South Korea at Buddharangsi Temple, Hwaseong, South Korea

and in the implementation of this project The Office of the Air Force Attaché in Seoul Assigned doctors under the Air Force who are studying in South Korea to join the health check service. and the Labor Office of Seoul, led by Ms. Arporn Upakanrod, deputy diplomat for labor. Has come to set up a booth to give advice to Thai workers in South Korea as well There are approximately 300 Thai people attending the service above.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul organized the above mobile consular activities for the first time in South Korea. After the epidemic situation of COVID-19 has eased to strengthen the Thai community in South Korea with budget support from the Department of Consular Affairs ministry of foreign affairs according to the policy of diplomacy for the people.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Cheating death! The young man was hit by a car and his body hit the ground. miracle survive

Tak, May 20 – CCTV captures the moment a young Mae Sot cheated on death. Walking along the road, returning home in the middle of the night was hit by a car in the back. The body floated, his head hitting the road unconscious. The villagers thought he had died and called an ambulance to collect the body. last survived

The incident occurred in the middle of the night last night (May 19) on Mae Sot-Tak Road, Mae Sot District, Tak Province. The condition of the front of the car has a collapse. with a middle-aged man as the driver not injured but in shock waiting for the police While not very far apart, Mr. Thanasak, 36, was found knocked unconscious, as if he had died for several minutes. But when the Mae Sot Hospital Paramedic first checked, they found only minor abrasions on the limbs. Before hurriedly taking him to an ambulance, he was sent to the doctor for a thorough examination again. Most recently, Mr. Thanasak was safe.

From the preliminary investigation, it was known that before the incident Mr. Thanasak had gone on an errand and was walking home. But when he arrived at the entrance of the alley A pickup truck drove into the back of Mr. Thanasak hard. Causing Mr. Thanasak's body to float, spin and hit the road. Until Mr. Thanasak passed out for several minutes. Many villagers thought that he might have died, but they were wrong because later Mr. Thanasak sat up. with injuries but not serious

Recently, Mae Sot Police Station invited the man who drove the pickup truck to investigate for legal action.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Suwat” announced that he did not mind “going far”, ended the negotiations, still a good friend

Nakhon Ratchasima, May 20-"Suwat" announces that Chatpattana has no problems, goes far, stops negotiations to join the government, reiterates that he respects the decision for reasons. also good friendly able to participate in the council, point out what is beneficial to the country, is ready to support Tell this election to give a new experience to every party.

Suwat Liptapanlop, chairman of the Chart Pattana Kla Party And former deputy prime minister gave a press conference in Nakhon Ratchasima province about the fact of inviting him to join the government that now the government is being formed by the party that has the most votes, the far-reaching party. The Chart Pattana Kla Party had 2 candidates for MPs last Thursday. Eight parties were announced to join the government, with 313 votes, of which 375 votes were needed to elect the prime minister. to request an invitation to join the government because at this time the formation of the government has not yet gained enough votes which the Chart Pattana Kla Party did not contact first

Mr. Suwat said that the Chart Phatthana Kla Party want to see political stability I want to see politics with a majority government, not a minority government. I want to see the tradition that Whoever is elected wins first place. was an initiator in establishing a government which the party has advanced is in every component Therefore, when invited We accepted the invitation in principle. which the establishment of the government this time Not like every time before Because there is no MOU signed, but this time it is considered a new dimension in which the MOU will be signed on how the new government will proceed in terms of politics, economy, and society where everyone must study whether they agree or not, and give their opinions.

Therefore, when invited to join the government The Chart Pattana Kla Party responded in principle. for the establishment of that government to be successful But there must be a meeting of the party executive committee first. to see in terms of the details of the MOU whether it is in line with the party or not, such as the economy, electricity costs, oil prices, social problems on decentralization What will be the detailed governor elections? Is it in line with the party's policy, about security? army reform How are the details? and how it affects the administration of the country including amendments to the constitution which section to edit Including amnesty and section 112 as well, which the party has said in many debates that section 112 must be maintained

Mr. Suwat said, but most recently, the Kao Klai Party announced that it had ended the negotiations to join the government. I have been notified. Which we do not have any problems. Because we are in the process of accepting an official invitation. because there are details that must be signed by the MOU to be signed on the afternoon of Monday, May 22, which the party must have a party resolution to agree The reason for the termination of the negotiations is according to the party's statement.

Mr. Suwat said that he thanked the Kao Klai Party. who has honored to invite the 2-vote Chart Pattana Kla Party to join the government which we already support in this way confirming the decision of the Chart Pattana Kla Party to join the government this time There wasn't any bargaining. but to allow politics to move forward and to form a government considered a political responsibility because he always said that Politics must face each other to reduce conflict. have to talk

However, from now on, the process of meeting the Executive Committee of the Party would not take place. because the negotiations have been terminated including before He spoke with Mr. Korn Chatikavanich, leader of the Chart Phatthana Kla Party. Who is traveling to travel abroad, at first he will hurry back to come to negotiate, but from now on he will probably say that he does not have to hurry back.

“Thank you for stopping the negotiations. and apologized to Chat Phatthana Kla The party didn't have a problem. and also a friend It is a political party that is in the council together. Anything can be discussed at any time.

Confirmed that I don't have any bad feelings. I'm not offended. I'm still a political party. And anything can be discussed in the council. And he tried to build a good relationship in politics. to achieve cooperation This is one example. That shows cooperation. When invited, cooperate and when terminated, cooperate. Confirmed that he is not an enemy to anyone. and for whatever reason He respects the decision of the far-flung party and does not want to go ahead, ”said Suwat.

Mr. Suwat said what would benefit the country and resolve political conflicts and make the country successful? have a good government resolve the country's problems The party was happy to support it. But in each subject there must be a discussion. Make sure everything is in order.

Mr. Suwat said that from the results of this election quite evident that politics from now on What must be changed? This election gives a new experience to every political party. Today, if I win the election, what is the answer? All political parties respect the people. I haven't seen any political parties move. go in a way that does not respect people The atmosphere in every party is still. Honoring the Progressive Party to form a government considered to be very gentlemen Considered a good story.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

The Ministry of Public Health sends health care teams for Thai Muslims Throughout the Hajj ceremony

Bangkok, May 20-MOD sends a team of medical personnel Take care of the health of Thai Muslims. Throughout participating in the Hajj ceremony in Saudi Arabia

Today (20 May 2023) at Suvarnabhumi Airport Samut Prakan Province Dr. Supachok pharmaceuticals Assistant Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health gave an interview that assigned by Dr. Opas Karkawinphong Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health Let's give encouragement to medical personnel and medical office staff for the Hajj affairs of Thailand. who will travel to take care of the health of Thai Muslims who go to perform the Hajj ceremony in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year 2023 (H.S. 1444). This year, about 1. 20,000 people start traveling from May 21 to June 23, 2023 and will gradually return to Thailand from July 3 to August 2, 2023 before traveling to perform the ceremony. The Ministry of Public Health has prepared for travelers. with risk screening provide health care advice Including vaccination to prevent 3 diseases: COVID-19, influenza and meningococcal disease along with issuing a document certifying vaccination and also training Haj Health Volunteers (Haj Volunteers) to coordinate and take care of primary health care. As well as participating in field service with the medical team.

Dr. Supachok continued that between May 21 and August 2, 2023, when Thai Muslim brothers and sisters reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. to perform Hajj The Ministry of Public Health has organized a team of doctors and medical personnel consisting of doctors, pharmacists, professional nurses. Public Health Officers, including 42 people, with Dr. Zulkiflei Yuzo, Director of Maikaen Hospital Pattani Province and deputy director of the Southern Border Provinces Health Development Administration Center Acting as Head of the Medical Office for Hajj Affairs of Thailand and divided the travel set into 3 sets

Today, the first medical team of 15 people will depart on duty until July 8, 2023, while the second team will travel between June 2 - July 21, 2023, and the third team between June 15 - August 3, 2023. After the pilgrims return to Thailand There will be continuous health monitoring for another 14 days as well.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Chaitawat” confirms 313 votes when setting up a government to move forward

Bangkok, May 20 – "Chaitawat" has 313 votes when setting up a government to move forward. The response from the senators was positive. Emphasize that important agendas in the MOU will respond to the voices of the people.

Chaitawat Tulathon, secretary-general of the Kao Klai Party Disclosed as a government manager that now the party has garnered 313 votes, which is considered sufficient and stable in accordance with general universal democratic principles

Therefore, after this, I will continue to talk to the senator to understand each other. and lead the country to follow the democratic path not going to a dead end From his talks with a number of senators, many of them were concerned about the direction of foreign policy. Maintaining the balance of Thailand in the global political arena and the senators do not want to see the new government cause more political conflict. After meeting and explaining the standpoint and approach of the far-reaching party, the senators understood more.

“On May 23, 2023, there will be an extraordinary meeting of the Senate. and learned that after the meeting of the Senate There should be an informal meeting of senators on how to vote for the prime minister. I believe that once the senators see the MOU to form the government on May 22nd, they will understand us better and lead to positive decisions to push the country forward. page," Mr. Chaitawat said.

Secretary General of the Progressive Party further revealed that The MOU negotiation process is progressing well. All parties are now considering and presenting their respective agendas to come together in a common agreement to form a government. Tomorrow (May 21, 2023) there will be talks with each party again. to come to a common conclusion on May 22

Mr. Chaitawat confirmed that important agendas in the MOU will respond to the voices of the people expressed through this election. People want changes in economic restructuring to grow fairly. and political reform to be democratic, with a transparent rule of law, free from corruption And resolve past political conflicts so that the country can move forward into the future.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency