3 coconuts, hard to find, 1 in a million

Sa Kaeo, Most coconuts have 1 shoot, or sometimes there may be 2 shoots. But in Sa Khwan Subdistrict, Mueang Sa Kaeo District, 3 coconut shoots were found, or what the villagers call 3 Nang Coconuts. Rare, 1 in a million. Believe it or not. Good luck, villagers flock to see

The three coconuts are at the house of Mr. Sommai Mapklang, 64 years old. They look like rough coconuts. What's special is that they have coconut tops or saplings sticking out through the coconut shell at once, 3 shoots or 3 tops in a row, about 30 centimeters high, and roots sticking out. Up to 8 roots

Mr. Sommai said that he has a career in gardening and selling rice porridge. They will go out and buy coconuts to squeeze to make coconut milk for making rice porridge. After buying it, coconuts will be piled up in front of the house. Gradually brought to be squeezed to make coconut milk. Until this morning (30 Nov. 2023) I went out to pick coconuts and found 3 coconuts with 3 shoots in one. It gave me goosebumps, something I had never seen before. Because this is a 3-woman coconut, a very rare coconut, only 1 in a million will be found. Personally, I believe it is a lucky coconut.

As for the villagers, they don't miss the chance to look at the lucky numbers. Most of them said in one voice that they had never seen a coconut sprout 3 shoots in one sapling like this. Believed to be a lucky coconut Some people even took out banknotes and rubbed them on the three coconuts to ask for good fortune.

Source: Thai News Agency