A Breakthrough in Runway Management from Xsight Systems: Remotely Activated Auditory Deterrence of Ground Level Birds on Runways

RUNWAY SAFETY SUMMIT, SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Xsight Systems announced today a new innovative capability of BirdWizeTM: remotely activated auditory deterrence that allows airports to manage runway bird hazards from the convenience of the wildlife or operations center. This new built-in deterrence capability strengthens BirdWize’ comprehensive automatic bird recognition technology leading to more effective bird hazard management and clearer, safer runways.

BirdWize now offers every element necessary to reduce bird strikes on runways. These elements include real-time bird detection and recognition, instant alerts to the wildlife team, documentation, and now – remotely activated auditory deterrence.

BirdWize is an enhancement of FODetect®, Xsight Systems’ fully-automated FOD detection solution that meets or exceeds the requirements of the FAA AC — Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Equipment. The system’s exceptional capabilities are based on a unique hybrid radar-optical sensing technology which utilizes sophisticated algorithms, advanced image processing software and close range detection for unprecedented performance.

"We are very proud to launch a comprehensive solution, changing the paradigm as to how runways are managed, and introducing once again, innovative technology to the airfield. Runways are the production line of the airports – they demand streamlined, efficient and safe operations, and Xsight Systems is providing exactly that", said President & CEO of Xsight Systems, Alon Nitzan.

Xsight Systems technology is the only automatic FOD detection solution installed at a US airport – Boston Logan, and is currently under way for installation at Seattle Tacoma International airport. Xsight Systems technology is operational at leading airports around the world including Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Tel-Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport. FODspot™ subsystem was acquired by Paris CDG International Airport.

About Xsight Systems  

Xsight Systems is the provider of advanced runway sensor solutions, chosen by leading airports worldwide. For the first time in aviation history, Xsight Systems runway solutions present a new paradigm in runway management and allow constant command over airport runways and their surroundings. Xsight Systems enables airports to manage runways more efficiently and feel confident that runways are safe, secure and clear for operations.

Solutions from Xsight Systems, having exceeded FAA regulatory requirements, have been adopted by major airports including Boston Logan, and by top-tier integrators such as Thales Group, Leidos, and more. Visit http://www.xsightsys.com.

Media Contact:
Amnon Katchalski