A Good Samaritan cabbie returns over 100,000 baht dropped in his car to a Japanese tourist

A Good Samaritan taxi driver returned to a Japanese tourist his wallet containing more than 100,000 baht in Thai baht and yen accidentally dropped in his car on Sathorn road on Thursday night.

This feel-good story was disclosed by FM91 Pitak Santirat radio station on Friday when the taxi driver, 36-year old Mr Charoon Kwannet, and the Japanese tourist, Mr Masaya Hawasaki, were invited to the station for an informal handover of the lost-and-found wallet and cash.

Charoon said Mr Hawasaki and another woman hailed his taxi at Sathorn Soi 12 at about 10.30 pm to take them to Dard Fa restaurant, but he declined because he was not sure where it was.

Then he drove on until an attendant of a night entertainment venue hailed him and asked whether he would take a guest to Yaowarat. He said he agreed. But when he switched on the headlight to check the backseat before picking up his client in the entertainment venue, he found a wallet with money sticking out on the backseat.

Charoon said he then told the attendant that he would not take his client to Yaowarat and headed back to Sathorn Soi 12 to try to locate the couple who first hailed his taxi, but could not find them. So he went straight to FM91 Pitak Santirat radio station to ask the officials there to help locate the wallet owner.

The wallet contains 34,423 baht and 409,000 yen.

The cabbie told the radio station that he was excited to have found the money. But since the money did not belong to him, he said he would not be happy if he spent them.

As a reward for his good conduct, the Japanese tourist handed over 20,000 baht to Mr Charoon.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)