A police officer who criticizes restrictions on pickup trucks faces probe

A police officer in Chumporn province was ordered to make a clarification over his comment in his Facebook page criticizing the ban against pickup trucks from carrying passengers on their back and cab.

In his comment posted on Facebook, Pol Lt-Col Aggarach Hoonngaum, inspector of Salui district police, wrote that for a law to be issued, it must make sure that the law will not cause sufferings to the people and, hence, the need for all stakeholders to express their views on the law.

If the elites and the rich issue a law, they will not take into consideration of the sufferings of the poor. And if a law is issued by the poor, they will not see the whole picture of the society. More importantly, for a law to be issued, there must be clear objective of the law that cover all aspects and that public interest must be considered as paramount.

Once, we recommended people to share the same car to ease traffic for cost saving. Now, we ban people to ride on the back of a pickup truck for safety sake.

But I think that for road safety, we should ban speeding. And under the present economic condition, we should choose the middle path which will make us happy. Wait until the economy turns around, we can still wait..

In response to the comment, Pol Maj-Gen Sonthichai Arwattanakulthep, Chumporn provincial police chief, said he had ordered Aggarach to make a clarification about his comment.

If it was proven that he was in the wrong, a disciplinary probe would follow, said the police chief.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)