Action Plan to Tackle Dust Pollution

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 23 November 2020, approved a draft action plan to mobilize efforts to tackle the dust pollution problem, which is part of the national agenda.

The draft action plan, proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, consists of three major measures.

The first measure seeks to increase the efficiency of area-based management of the problem. Relevant agencies in risk areas, such as Bangkok and its vicinity and 17 northern provinces, may set appropriate criteria in accordance with the situation.

The second measure seeks to prevent and reduce dust pollution at its sources, such as vehicles, industrial plants, open-air burning, and construction sites.

The third measure seeks to enhance the efficiency of pollution management and develop networks to monitor air quality, as well as developing warning systems and using modern technology to deal with the problem.

At the same meeting, the Cabinet also approved a special plan, which had been worked out for relevant agencies to implement in order to ease dust pollution, especially when the problem occurs.

A subcommittee on the prevention of forest fires, haze, and dust pollution has been set up as a major mechanism to cope with the situation. Responsible agencies will also step up cooperation with neighboring countries in fighting this problem.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department