Advise the elderly – group 608 to get the COVID vaccine booster

Government House, May 31 – A government spokesman reveals that the rate of COVID-19 cutting in Bangkok and its vicinity is higher. The Prime Minister is concerned about the 608 group, reiterating that their children and grandchildren will take the elderly and at-risk groups to receive the annual vaccine to reduce violence and loss.

Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Follow the situation of COVID-19 According to the latest report from the Ministry of Public Health, as of May 29, 2023, people infected with COVID-19 Increasing as expected in Bangkok and its vicinity found higher outbreaks than other areas, and the death toll was still a risk group of 608 who were infected by family members. and was not vaccinated as scheduled. The Prime Minister is concerned about 608 risk groups and asks their children to bring them to receive the annual vaccine. The Ministry of Public Health advises people who are not fully vaccinated. Or haven't received a booster for more than 3 months should go get the COVID-19 vaccine. at every hospital and service units as specified by the Ministry of Public Health Please bring the elderly in the house to get the annual vaccination. The Ministry of Public Health has launched an annual vaccination campaign. Since May 1, the past

“The meeting to monitor the situation of COVID-19 Recently, the Ministry of Public Health found that the outbreak situation was as expected, after the Songkran festival. School starts and enters the rainy season. There will be more infections, sicknesses and deaths. by last week There were 2,970 patients admitted to the hospital, an average of 424 cases per day, 425 cases of pneumonia, 253 intubation, and 42 deaths, an average of 6 cases per day. cases, but the risk factors of death remain the same. Those are the elderly, over 60 years old, people with 7 chronic diseases, and pregnant women. Most were infected by family members who had activities outside the home. Almost all of them are not vaccinated. Not completing the injection according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health, ”a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office.

Mr. Anucha said that now in Bangkok. and its vicinity found more outbreaks than other areas Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health therefore assigned the Department of Disease Control as secretary of the National Communicable Disease Committee Make a letter to coordinate the chairman of the communicable disease committee, Bangkok/province to coordinate cooperation with relevant agencies. survey of the elderly and at-risk groups who were not vaccinated or have not received the annual vaccination to expedite vaccination more The Ministry of Public Health will provide medical supplies and information from the surveillance of species in Thailand. by the Department of Medical Sciences Most of the strains were found as XBB.1.16, which was not more invasive and virulent than the original strain. Beds for patients in the whole country and Bangkok are still sufficient. The bed occupancy rate was 22%, while the drugs used for treatment were also sufficient.

“Vaccinations are an urgent measure for the elderly. because it can help reduce illness and death If the child is sick with respiratory symptoms Must not come in close contact with the elderly or if it is necessary to wear a hygienic mask To help reduce the risk of spreading the infection to the elderly. Currently, there are increasing numbers of influenza patients. If symptoms are present but ATK is not detected, influenza is suspected. even at risk It can cause death as well, so if there are not many symptoms Can use symptomatic treatment without going to the hospital But if it is a risk group such as the elderly with congenital disease is a patient with complications should see a doctor to get a diagnosis,” Mr. Anucha said.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency