Aged nun miraculously saved from python’s clutches

A 85-year-old nun at Wat Pakpraek temple in Pluak Daeng district of Rayong was miraculously saved after a 8-metre long python attacked, strangled and tried to swallow her.

Her scream for help alarmed other monks and laymen in the temple to rush to the toilet and rescued her.

The injured nun, Chin Darachan or Mae Chee Tid was admitted to Pluak Daeng district the hospital for leg injuries from the python's bites.

The incident happened Sunday while the 120-centimetre nun was opening the toilet door.

The sudden encounter forced the python to attack and bite her on the legs.

As she fell down, the snake then strangled her.

She then screamed for help and was miraculously saved.

Villagers at the temple said the python might enter the toilet from the gap between the cement wall and the corrugated sheet during heavy rain Sunday.

The python was later freed to nature by villagers.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)