Air Force clarifies 5 items that the United States does not sell F-35s to Thailand

Royal Thai Air Force, Nov. 25 – Air Force Spokesperson Explain the facts, the United States refuses to sell the F-35 and offers other models instead, reiterating that the Air Force must find a replacement for the F-16 that will be decommissioned.

Air Chief Marshal Praphas Sornchaidee, spokesman for the Royal Thai Air Force clarify the facts in the case of the US refusal to sell F-35A attack fighter aircraft to Thailand that Mr. Robert F. Godek, the US Ambassador to Thailand have discussed with Air Chief Marshal Alongkorn Wannarot and reaffirmed our cooperation with Thailand as a very close partner in the Indo-Pacific region. Along with discussing the case of the F-35A attack fighter aircraft, the Air Force has sent a Letter of Request for P&A (Price and Availability) to JUSMAGTHAI to proceed with the procurement process by the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) method from the US government. which can be summarized as follows:

1. The sale of the F-35A, a fifth-generation strike fighter, is subject to a number of time constraints that must be completed. Before the United States considers selling the F-35A fighter jet to any country. As a result, the US is unable to offer the F-35A attack fighter to the Air Force at this time.

2. Based on current F-35A production plans and orders, it will take at least 10 years before the F-35A can be delivered to new buyers.

3. The F-35A is designed with new technical and operational concepts. It is characterized by stealth, thus requiring investment in infrastructure, training and security systems according to US requirements.

4. Preparation to modify the maintenance transmission system warehouse system and a new management system for the F-35A, which differs from that of the F-16 and is incompatible with other weapons systems.

5. The United States wishes to discuss future arrangements. to support the procurement and deployment of the Air Force's F-35A attack fighter jets During this transition The US believes the Air Force should consider 4.5th-generation fighter jets, the F-16 and F-15 fighter jets, which would be faster to procure and could meet military requirements. can air The United States will send a team to discuss details with the Air Force.

Incidentally, although the United States is not currently able to offer the F-35A attack aircraft to the Air Force. The Air Force has confirmed the need to acquire aircraft to replace the forthcoming F-16 fighter jets. in order not to affect combat readiness and air defense capability This is the Air Force's primary mission. taking into account the use of the national budget for worthiness and maximum benefit.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency