AIS Embraces Reliable Network with Heart-Felt Video

BANGKOK, Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — AIS or Advanced Info Services, the leading Thai mobile telecommunication service company, recently launched a new, heart-felt commercial clip to embrace the strength and positivity of reliable networking with AIS.

AIS "Always There" Commercial

AIS "Always There" Commercial

A new commercial launched by the company is entitled AIS "Yang Mee" or AIS "Always There" has recently garnered attention over the internet. The video has won the hearts of millions of people in Thailand.

Since the commercial was launched on October 28th, 2014, the video has achieved over 3.7 million views on Youtube. Due to the powerful storytelling element, the clip was picked up by many distinguished local Thai news and marketing websites, such as Positioning Mag, Thumbs Up, Marketing Oops and Marketeer which are extremely popular among the Thai people. Currently, the clip continues to be syndicated across several digital platforms, bringing awareness to AIS as Thailand’s most trustworthy network.

This video focuses on the empowerment of connection and reliability, hidden in the dramatic video between father and daughter. As a brand, AIS identifies to be a reliable parental figure which consumers can always rely on, time and time again, no matter the distance.

This story focuses on the important aspect about Thai family bonding, and expresses it through believable characters and situations, using an emotional touch to execute the narrative.

This video clip reflects the reliability and trust embodied by AIS Thailand. The brand will continue to stay with the Thai people and will always be there beside them, forever.

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