All over Thailand is still hot to very hot. Upper Thailand has rain and strong winds.

Bangkok, The Meteorological Department reveals that many areas throughout Thailand are still hot to very hot. As for upper Thailand, prepare for thunderstorms, strong wind gusts and hail that can occur in some areas. Meteorological Department Revealing low pressure due to heat covering upper Thailand. This characteristic causes Thailand to have hot to very hot weather with haze during the day. We ask people to take care of their health due to the hot and very hot weather. By avoiding working or engaging in activities in open areas for long periods of time. Meanwhile, southerly and southeast winds bring moisture from the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea. came to cover the lower northeastern region lower central region and eastern region In addition, there is a line of southwestern and southerly winds blowing over the upper northeastern region. This characteristic causes thunderstorms in upper Thailand. with a strong gust of wind And hail can occur in some areas in the upper northeastern region. Ask p eople in the said area Be careful of dangers from thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail during this period. For the easterly and southeast winds blow over the Gulf of Thailand, the southern region and the Andaman Sea. Causing the southern region to have thunderstorms in some places. Dust in this period: Northern, Northeastern regions and upper central region There is a moderate to high level of dust/smog accumulation. Because the wind that blows over it is weak. And the ventilation in the area is in poor condition. Source: Thai News Agency