An unidentified foreigner dies from condominium fall in an apparent suicide

A foreigner plunged to his death from a condominium building in Pattaya on Saturday in an apparent suicide.

Police have been examining the CCTV system of the condominium building in an attempt to identify the male victim who was estimated to age between 65-70 years old.

Security guards and staff at the condominium told police during the interrogation that the man drive a pickup truck into the condominium and park it in front of the building before taking a lift to the 8th floor.

He then exited through an emergency exit and then jumped to the ground below.

The man fell on the rooftop of a sedan parked in front of the building and died. No passport, ID card or other documents were found in the body which could help to identify him.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)