APICloud, a Chinese Mobile App Service Provider, Launches Overseas Business to Help International Companies Enter the Chinese Market

PALO ALTO, Calif., December 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Headquartered in Beijing, APICloud is the first and leading cross-platform mobile app cloud service provider in China. Recently, it just announced the closing of a $5 million series A financing led by Northern Light Venture Capital. Today APICloud officially launches the English version of its mobile app development platform for the global market, aiming to help potential users around the world who are seeking opportunities to conduct mobile businesses in China.

Opportunities in China

With Alibaba’s successful listing in the US and becoming one of the most valuable Internet companies in the world, China has attracted global attention in the modern Internet era. An increasing number of people have begun to understand there are two kinds of Internet: China’s Internet and the World’s Internet. Due to China’s unique culture, language, politics and many other factors, a certain number of major international Internet businesses have not been as successful as they are in the rest of the world. Comparing to the relatively mature global market, China’s MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform) industry is just in its infant stage. The situation has created great opportunities for Chinese start-ups. APICloud, as an example, is one of the rising stars.

As the factory of the world, China has a huge number of local smart phone manufacturers. Therefore, the fragmentation of mobile devices in China is much more serious than in the US market. Beside the well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple, China has over 100 Android device manufacturers and many others that customize Android ROMs. All these have made app dev more complicated in China.

Another reason why international technology service providers have not been so successful in China is that the language is a natural barrier. Take PhoneGap as an example, as an open source project, it lacks the support of the Chinese community. Without localization, big players from abroad just don’t have the capability to serve Chinese customers.

How does APICloud Differentiate from its Competitors

In the global market, companies such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator, and Kony have already accumulated a wide user base. APICloud’s cross-platform app development engine is more innovative comparing to PhoneGap and Appcelerator in terms of engine technologies.

PhoneGap’s rationale is to wrap web apps with access to the device hardware such as camera and sensors. However, the experience and functions remain the same as web apps. Using HTML5 to develop app layout and UI has its advantage of efficiency and low cost, yet the experience and performance are not on the same level with native apps. In addition, the use of web-based technologies lead PhoneGap apps to run slower that native apps with similar functionalities.

Appcelerator uses a JavaScript engine to interpret the app source code when it’s deployed to the mobile device. This method allows the cross-platform apps developed using Appcelerator platform to have almost the same experience as the native apps. However, as the interpreter and all required libraries must be loaded before interpreting the source code on the device can begin, program loading takes longer than it does for programs developed with the native SDKs.

Although APICloud’s solution covers both the cloud side and the client side,it emphasizes more on client-side technologies. Combining the advantages of both PhoneGap and Appcelerator, APICloud leverages HTML5 to accelerate the app layout generation process like PhoneGap and enables native app experience by invoking device functionalities like Appcelerator. Additionally, the Client API fully supports devices manufactured by major Chinese local manufacturers. With advanced technologies, localized community services and corresponding tutorials, APICloud has the capability to provide better services to customers in China.

About APICloud

APICloud is the first and leading cross-platform mobile app cloud service provider in China. Its goal is to build a mobile ecosystem to serve the Chinese enterprise mobility market. Currently APICloud provides a cross-platform mobile app development environment consisting of Cloud API and Client API. The one-stop solution APICloud offers for mobile app developers includes a mobile app development engine, tools, BaaS, push, analytics services, etc. APICloud’s services are able to simplify the development of mobile apps and reduce the development cycle from one month to 7 days. With the cloud-based development environment, all developers have to do is to focus on building amazing apps, and APICloud will handle the rest. Developers can also get help from the online community to accelerate mobile app development.

The founding team of APICloud has rich experience in serving Fortune 500 Companies in the MADP related fields. Driven by passion and dedication, it never stops seeking innovation and strives to push the advancement of the MADP industry in China, as well as around the world. Now, it has set up offices in Palo Alto, CA, US and Tokyo, Japan, aiming to provide better services to the overseas customers. To learn more about APICloud platform please visit http://www.apicloud.com.

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