Approval of Major Projects to Help Rice Farmers and Thailand’s Rice Strategies

The Cabinet, during its retreat in Phuket province on 3 November 2020, approved major projects to assist rice farmers, while the National Rice Policy and Management Committee on 4 November approved Thailand’s rice strategies for 2020-2024.


The major rice projects include the first round of income guarantee for rice farmers between 2020 and 2021, credit extension to slow down rice sales in order to stabilize rice prices, and rice production development and management for the 2020/2021 production year.


As for Thailand’s rice strategies, a target has been set to develop Thailand as the world’s leader for rice production and marketing, under the “market leads production” approach.


The rice strategies for 2020-2024 focus on four areas. The first area seeks to respond to diverse demands in foreign rice markets and reduce marketing costs. The second area seeks to create a balance between consumption and production in the country.


In the third area, efforts will be made to reduce rice production costs and increase production efficiency. A least 12 new rice varieties of good quality will be added in the next five years.


The fourth area involves rice processing and innovation. Emphasis is placed on research and innovation in response to the market demand. In addition, the Government will provide greater marketing channels in the country and abroad for processed and innovative rice products.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department