“Atchariya” reveals that 4 police units were involved in accepting donations from a Bang Yai gambling den.

Royal Thai Police Office, "Atchariya" gave information about the Bang Yai gambling den to the Police Investigation Committee, revealing that another 4 police units were involved in receiving tribute. Mr. Atchariya Ruangrattanaphong President of the Crime Victims Assistance Club Provide information to the fact-finding committee In the case of a large gambling den in the area of ??Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, following an invitation from the committee. at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters Mr. Atchariya said that he had come to provide information and give statements to Pol. Lt. Gen. Akradet Pimonsri, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police As the head of the fact-finding team in this case It is information about the agencies that receive tribute from this casino. Both the administrative department and the other 4 police agencies involved are the Crime Suppression Division, Provincial Police Region 1 Headquarters, Nonthaburi Provincial Police. and Bang Yai Provincial Police and other invol ved persons There is information that tribute is paid to police officers in all 4 agencies, averaging not less than 5 million baht per unit/month, for a total of 4 units not less than 20 million baht/month. and paid in cash Not transferred through account There are low-level police officers who act as front-runners to collect money from casinos. As for the consideration of punishment for the responsible police, Mr. Atchariya said that he did not agree with the order to transfer the 5 Tiger Police Station Commanders of Nonthaburi Province. and the commander of the Investigation Center Region 1 during the establishment of a fact-finding committee But no action was taken to transfer police officers to other related units. Is this considered nepotism? It shows that the police investigation process is still discriminatory. Mr. Atchariya also stated the reason for destroying the said gambling den. It arose from a conflict of interests regarding bidding for work within the Department of Provincial Administration o f the Ministry of Interior. both at the local and central levels But it is not related to the police. and noted that It may be a job placement. Because of various casinos In the metropolitan area it was closed for 2 days before an operation was carried out to destroy the casino. Makes gamblers come to play at said casinos. Until being able to arrest a large number of gamblers. Source: Thai News Agency