“Attawit” reveals that the Supreme Administrative Court accepts a petition for the division of Bangkok constituencies.

"Attawit" revealed that the Supreme Administrative Court accepted the request for the division of Bangkok electoral districts on March 20, 2023, waiting for the court to call an investigation. Confirm, prepare documents and clarify Urge to speed up judgment before printing a sign / opening a campaign, fearing damage

Mr. Attawit Suwannapakdi, secretary-general of the Chart Phatthana Kla Party, revealed that the Supreme Administrative Court had received a petition for the division of Bangkok's constituencies that had already been submitted. It is a black case No. Por. 16/2566, the Supreme Administrative Court. which was received on March 20, the past Mr. Atthawit stated that, as the petitioner, all documents and evidence had been submitted. And after this, waiting for a legal inquiry. At this stage, there are no temporary protection measures. But according to the law, the courts will proceed and complete their hearings before the election. therefore had to wait for the court to summon him to investigate which is now fully prepared And it is for the Election Commission to answer why the 33 constituencies in Bangkok are not divided into main districts. And this zoning is not like the old electoral district, only 4 constituencies are the same as the old electoral district.

“Simply said, the intention is not to be the same as the old districts, so the Election Commission has to answer questions. because it has never happened before in history before that Zoning without a district Because the law clearly stated in Section 27 of the Organic Act on the Election of MPs that the districts were to be included as constituencies. Which currently does not include the district as a constituency, ”said Mr. Attawit.

The secretary-general of the Chart Pattana Kla Party said that there was no damage at this time. because every party is in the process of making a primary vote But if each party's process has finished and started printing campaign signs and the election campaign has begun Will cause financial damage to candidates and political parties And if the ECT allows the process to take place there, it can create chaos. In this regard, I would like to understand that this election is not under the Announcement of the Council for Peace and Order like last time. And the main law is the organic law on the election of MPs, which are different. Therefore, the Election Commission should exercise caution in proceeding.

The reporter reported that The Supreme Administrative Court received a petition for the division of electoral constituencies in all 3 provinces: Bangkok, Sukhothai and Sakon Nakhon, with the court ordering the case on March 22, and while the Election Commission is preparing to submit an explanation to the court within 5 The working day is that the Election Commission must submit clarification documents by March 29.

Source: Thai News Agency