Aunt Ratchaburi used to help “Thanathorn” campaigning

Military Airport 2 15 March-"Sek Sakon" reveals that Aunt Ratchaburi used to campaign with "Thanathorn" deliberately messing with plans in advance, hoping to discredit the Prime Minister. Go to Ratchaburi area The Yankees were not too violent.

Seksakon Atthawong, Advisor to the Prime Minister and members of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party mentioning the detention of political dissidents In Ratchaburi Province on March 13, the past said that from the incident reflecting that the people of Ratchaburi Province were dissatisfied with the behavior of the aforementioned aunt. who, from examining the information, knew that he was close to a politician of a political party who had different opinions It's a group that looks like a ferocious institution. which is the source of that Not just different people But there is also a political aspect involved.

“There is evidence that the group is close to Thanathorn. Juangroongruangkit leader of the progressive committee because he used to campaign with Mr. Thanathorn makes it clear that they are on the opposite side Which should or not to show aggressive behavior Prepare to come in advance to create a situation. Let's make a clip to make the media fall into the trap that the officer has done more than the cause. Confirmed that the officer did not do more than the cause. But it is a prevention, deterrence, not to disturb the duties of the leader. believe that this kind of behavior Thai people and Ratchaburi people do not like it. It spoils the image of the people of Ratchaburi who love peace. And believe that such actions will be condemned by the people of the country and the people of Ratchaburi itself, ”said Seksakon.

Mr. Seksakol said that the performance of duties of the Prime Minister made for the benefit of the people to listen to problems and take care of follow-up create prosperity for the area But these people tried to play politics. and trying to discredit the prime minister To understand where the Prime Minister goes, there will be people who resist and will be arrested by the authorities. which confirmed that it was not a fact And believe that other provinces will not have this. and the Minister will travel to all provinces I'm not worried about anything

“Please don't use this kind of behavior towards government leaders. And thanks to the officials for doing their duty and following the law. I think that the performance of officials is not more severe than the cause. But if you don't do this How to know if the group plans to jump on the Prime Minister's car or not and if there is an accident or violence? Causing injury or death, what will happen, in the end, the Prime Minister will be condemned again, ”said Seksakon.

Prime Minister Sek Sakol gave an example of a former leader of Japan who was assassinated that if such an event occurred Who is responsible? Therefore, the police must work and be extremely careful. to avoid incidents Either party does not want to cause losses. Police officers perform their duties as usual. Which Thailand is considered softer than all countries because in foreign countries there are yanks, drags, rubs, pulls, locks, necks and handcuffs But Thailand is the softest. which various actions Let the police officers proceed according to the law.

Source: Thai News Agency