Bangkok now is under more electronic eyes

Bangkok is now put under tighter security watch following three small bomb explosions in the past few months as more surveillance cameras are being installed and those not functioning replaced.

The main aim of the move is to provide a more comprehensive coverage to ensure greater security for all areas within the capital.

Bangkok has almost 50,000 CCTVs installed. Of these only 20,000 are monitored at the Traffic Control and Command Center at BMA headquarters.

The remaining 30,000 can only record images and store them but cannot transmit in real time.

Officials stated that this was due to fact that they are mostly installed in small Sois and needs a substantial budget for them to be updated.

But officials were confident however that this would not pose a problem as the main responsibility for these locations are local police who continuously check and inspect them.

Mr.Patarut Dardarananda, BMA's permanent-secretary who led a team of officials to inspect the CCTV cameras in several areas of the capital yesterday, said the BMA is currently coordinating with the Army and police to make upgrades and modifications to the BMA'sr CCTV system in order to provide greater security for Bangkok residents.

Some of these measures can clearly be seen such as the current use of clear trash bags and the installation of a large number of modern CCTV cameras.

The recent spate of bombings in the capital has forced the governor of Bangkok to order continuous checks on all cameras to ensure that they are in good operational condition.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)