Be sure before sharing: Be careful of paracetamol mixed with a bad virus, is it true?

Old stories come back to share.

from the case of sharing a warning to be careful of the new paracetamol drug That there will be a mixture of the virus "Macchupo", which is a very dangerous virus

Conclusion: not true, should not be shared ?

The Sure-Share Center, MCOT Thai News Agency, has verified that the aforementioned statement is not true at all.

Authorities around the world have denied the news. And confirmed that no paracetamol has been reported to be contaminated with any virus.

Machupo or Machupo virus is the name for the virus that causes Bolivian hemorrhagic fever or black typhus. infected rats

March 8, 2017,

the Sure Before Sharing Center,

MCOT Thai News Agency,

fact-checking by Peerapol Anutarasoth.

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Source: Thai News Agency