Be sure before sharing CyberAlert!: Police warn! Beware of fake links Loy Krathong online

3 warnings from the cyber police Loy Krathong online requires caution!

1. Avoid clicking links to Loy Krathong online from SMS or email without knowing the source. Because it may be a criminal phishing information on our devices.

2. Avoid online Loy Krathong websites. That requires us to enter personal information, OTP code or face scan.

3. Choose Loy Krathong only with trustworthy websites.

If anyone wants to float krathong online But I don't know which website to float. Cyber News Team Sure Before Sharing Center has collected 6 safe online Loy Krathong website locations for everyone.

1. Bangkok.

The first time with Loy Krathong online in Khlong Ong Ang! Anyone interested can register in just a few steps. It is guaranteed that every digital krathong will definitely float on the surface of the Ong Ang Canal.

Register >

2. Ministry of Culture

Send greeting cards on Loy Krathong Day with the Ministry of Culture. We can choose cards and write wishes in our own style. Ready to send to our loved ones immediately. Or you can download and keep it as well.

Create a greeting card >

3. Map Longdo

If you're bored with the traditional Loy Krathong online, you must try Map Longdo because with this website we can choose the rivers throughout Thailand where you want to Loy Krathong. You can also choose up to 24 types of krathongs online! If you have already floated the Krathong Our online Krathong will be on the map. Ready to show off to friends right away.

Map Longdo website >

4. The Old Siam Plaza

The Old Siam Plaza has also opened a website for us to join in Loy Krathong online as well. On this website, we can choose up to 9 types of krathongs online and write our names and wishes. The

Old Siam Plaza website >

5. Readawrite

Who is bored of ordinary krathongs? I'd like to release some digital sky lanterns. Introducing Readawrite's website where we can choose Loy Krathong online, both normal and floating lanterns.

Readawrite website >

6. M Thai website.

Anyone who wants to Loy Krathong online can choose their province. We recommend the M Thai website where we can choose to have Loy Krathongs in various locations in up to 5 provinces, including Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkalaram, Bangkok, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai Province, Wat Phra That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom Province, Wat Phra Si Sanphet. Ayutthaya Province and Wat Chulamanee Samut Songkhram Province You can also choose up to 6 types of krathongs, including Muay Thai, lottery, funny, or cute. We have them all.

M Thai website >

Source: Thai News Agency