Believe “Hun Sen” will not discuss overlapping areas with “Thaksin”

House 27 Feb. - "Suthin" confirms negotiations on Thai-Cambodian overlapping areas. No hidden agenda Seize the interests of the two countries to prevent quarrels. Believe that "Hun Sen" visited "Thaksin" and did not discuss this matter. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Referring to the case of setting a date to visit Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. At the Chansongla residence, it is said that there is, but the date has not yet been set. Let's see the right opportunity. As for the progress of negotiations on sharing overlapping interests between Thailand and Cambodia, Mr. Suthin said it was a matter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. How did the Ministry of Foreign Affairs end it? The Ministry of Defense maintains that boundary. The Ministry of Defense is not a party to negotiations. When asked about the Joint Boundary Committee (JBC), the Ministry of Defense is also on this committee, Mr. Suthin said that in that section there will be some matters that we think have security im plications. It may be necessary to take the opinions of the Ministry of Defense into account. As for Koh Kood, there isn't any. There is confidence in Mr. Thaksin that he will not negotiate on this matter. So that it puts Thailand at a disadvantage, right? Mr. Suthin said that he believes that there is no Everyone is in plain sight. And he was careful. When asked about the problem of Koh Kood I am confident that Cambodia will give Koh Kood to Thailand. Will he or she not bring the issue into the negotiations? Mr. Suthin said that he believed that there was no overlapping agenda on this matter. And it should come out well. Everyone acts with honesty. Because society is already watching. As for whether we have to talk to Cambodia again or not. Will not take the Koh Kood area as part of Cambodia. Mr. Suthin said that this must be asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 'As for the progress of the current talks, I admit that it stopped for a while. Maybe we'll start talking now. Because at that time it was a different government. The atmosphere of each government's discussion is different. And this is a delicate matter. Whatever you say, you must be careful. I don't want it to affect the atmosphere of cooperation that will develop the economy. I'd like to leave it out a little. But today should be an opportunity to talk,' Mr. Suthin said. When asked that His Royal Highness Prince Decho Hun Sen, President of the Privy Council of the Kingdom of Cambodia Traveled to visit Mr. Thaksin Do you think they talked about this matter or not? Mr. Suthin said, 'Don't talk about this matter. And during the time His Majesty Hun Manet, Prime Minister of Cambodia, visited Thailand, he did not go into details on this matter. Just talk that this matter must be discussed for the benefit of both countries. and be careful Don't let it be a matter of quarreling. That's all.".-316 Source: Thai News Agency