Bird flu prevention still necessary though no new human infection case reported

The Department of Disease Control advised people not to contact dead domestic poultry and wild birds but reported to nearest livestock and health officials immediately although the country has no new human infection cases of avian influenza or H5N1 since 2006.

The advice came from the director-general of the department Dr Suwanchai Watanayingcharoen after the World Health Organization (WHO) issued its latest update of the avian influenza or bird flu situation in the world from January 2003- 27 September 2017.

According to WHO, the period saw 860 human infection cases of avian influenza in 16 countries, including Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

He said latest report from WHO found a human infection case in Indonesia on September 27.

For Thailand, he said the last infection human infection case was reported in 2006, with no new cases until today.

But Thailand still has the risk of spread from travellers in outbreak countries visiting the country and from migratory birds.

He said livestock officials have been dispatched to areas where dead poultry cases were reported to investigate along with local health officials as a prevention measure.

They have also advised local people to refrain from contacting the dead poultry or wild birds, and educate them how to take care of themselves.

In case that they have to contact their poultry, they are advised to wear rubberized and hygienic masks and wash their hands after each contact.

They are also advised to bury dead poultry and cover with limes.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)