BMA to boost green areas with tax incentives

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is planning to give tax incentives to the people in Bangkok if they grow trees in their lands.

The new move came after the World Health Organisation released a recent survey showing Bangkok has insufficient green area for its population with only three square metres per person, which is much lower than the standard 16 square metres.

The WHO's survey prompted the BMA to come in with a plan to increase its green area. Tax incentives are then suggested to encourage the Bangkok people to grow more trees in their places.

BMA deputy governor Pol Lt Gen Annuay Nimmano said under the proposed plan if the private sector could increase green areas in their lands, by growing more trees, the would be given lower household taxes.

However for those who have vacant land but do nothing with them but just left them with no development, higher household taxes will also be imposed, he said.

He added that the plan could be implemented once the new land law is in force in 2019.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)