BMA to reward for reporting traffic violations

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will announce rewards to anyone sending pictures or videos of traffic violations next month in its efforts to encourage the general public to participate in its better traffic management.

They will be given rewards amounted to half of the maximum fine of 5,000 baht for traffic violations such as parking of cars or riding of motorcycles on road pavement.

BMA deputy governor Pol Lt Gen Amnuay Nimmano said relevant authorities are now in the process of considering amounts of fines of each traffic offences stated in Article 48 of the 1992 City Cleaning and Ordering Act so as to offer as reward for such reporting.

They will be given half of the amount of fine which carries maximum fine of 5,000 baht for parking and riding on pavement offence, he said.

He said the reward could be ready for practice within the next few weeks or early next month.

He believed that this could encourage the general public relations to act as ear and eye for the city's better traffic management scheme.

In addition, the law also offers rewards for reporting other violation such as allowing dogs to poop in front of neighbours' houses, spraying paints on walls which is subject to 500 baht fine or 3,000 baht for littering roads with sands, rocks or soils from trucks.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)