BOE Demonstrates Global Competitiveness with Power in Future Marketing

BOSTON, September 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The 2014 FutureM Forum kicked off in Boston on Sept. 16, 2014. In parallel with this annual global gathering of the marketing industry, the awarding ceremony of the globally authoritative “2014 Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China” was held. As an outstanding representative of sustainability and international competitiveness of Chinese firms, BOE for the second consecutive year won the “2014 Global Competitiveness Brands Top 10 from China” award as well as the single prize “the Most Popular Brand with Future Competitiveness”. The company continues to deliver innovative technologies and leading concepts in the display industry to users around the world, fully leverages of future branding, and demonstrates the global competitiveness of Chinese brands.

So far the Global Competitive Brands Top 10 from China, organized by IDG, has been held five times. This year’s competition focuses on the theme “Future Brand Marketing — to Win in the Mobile Internet Age”. For the first time, this activity combines brand competitiveness indexes with new growth opportunities brought about by the brand’s future marketing competitiveness as a major selection criterion, so as to thoroughly identify the in-depth development problems for Chinese brands in the mobile Internet age and explore new growth points for them in the new technology trends. The 2014 FutureM Forum is a grand event that anyone seeking updates about future marketing trends cannot afford to miss. It offers a combination of topics including traditional marketing, digital marketing, research and development, product development and customer participation and decision-making. In this way it extensively exposes Chinese companies to the innovation of marketing and the latest technological trends for them to explore and capture business opportunities on the road to future marketing.

In the display industry, companies in the Chinese mainland started nearly a decade later than peers in developed countries. But after more than a decade’s growth, the Chinese mainland has already become the largest consumption market and production base of displays in the world, and also the world’s leading production base of panels. As a leading producer of displays in China, the shipment of BOE displays accounts for more than half of the total shipments in the Chinese mainland. On a global scale, BOE’s shipment and market share both rank fifth in the world, and its smart mobile LCD panel tops the world in regard to shipment in 2013.

Today, BOE has set up a complete semi-conductor display R&D and manufacturing system. It is the only high-tech company in the Chinese mainland that can independently produce all ranges of semi-conductor displays. Holding more than 10,000 patents, its global new product launch rate reaches 30%. The company also plays an increasingly important role in the world in developing and producing high-end panels with cutting-edge technology. In 2013, 35% of its products were launched for the first time in the world, including hit products such as the 8K ultra-HD display, 500PPI mobile phone display, naked-eye 3D display, transparent display, flexible display and narrow bezel. In addition, BOE boasts the 98-inch 8K ultra-HD display, which is the largest in the world, 55-inch ultra-HD AMOLED display, which is the largest in China, as well as other frontier products such as smart-mirror and the high-PPI smart mobile phone display enabled by the in-cell touch technology. All these impressively underline the excellent global competitiveness of BOE and its brand value in the mobile Internet age.

Right now, the mobile Internet and a new wave of information technology development are bringing about revolutionary changes to the display industry. The convergence of screen, cloud, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and professional services, coupled by the convergence of software, network and hardware, will further push the industrial ecosystem and business models to rapidly evolve. In this context, BOE as a world-leading display product provider will stick to the “5P+H” strategy, leverage its technological innovation capabilities, and drive the development of display products with industry-leading innovation, in order to meet and even lead customers’ new demands. Finally the company will continue to provide consumers with industry-leading display products and solutions, and create greater value with outstanding display technologies for customers.