Branding the Future: The “2014-2015 Global Top Brands” Award Ceremony Highlights Announced

LAS VEGAS, December 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The second decade of the 21st century is witnessing profound changes in the consumer electronics industry around the globe, manifested by the latest fact that China overtook the U.S. in 2014 to become the largest consumer electronics market in the world, while Asia also replaced North America to be the number one regional market. What’s more, statistics indicate that the size of China’s consumer electronics market will continuously expand at a two-digit compound annual growth rate by 2018. As a result, China has already become the frontier of the global consumer electronics industry and a must-win-market for the giant players, in the meantime of which the position of Chinese consumer electronics brands has been largely hoisted. To further bolster the global competitiveness of the Chinese electronic consumer brands and display their brand images, "2014-2015 Global Top Brands" competition is going to publish. Based on the development of smart connectivity, this year’s competition aims at assisting Chinese consumer electronic companies’ endeavor in developing both technology and market size in the smart connectivity age, so as to attain their long-term goals in the tide of new technologies.

2014-2015 Global Top Brands is composed of a series of activities. It is reported that Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Global Media, William Stofega, Director of IDC and Jurgen Boyny, General Manager of GFK Global Consumer Electronics, will give splendid speeches on the scene on the situation and development of Consumer Electronics Industry. Furthermore, Liu Tibin, Vice President and General Manager of Changhong, Zhou Gengshen, President of Great Wall, Liang Qichun, Assistant President and Brand Management Center of TCL Group, Zhang Yu, Vice President of BOE, Cheng Lixin, Vice President of ZTE and CEO of ZTE Terminal Business Department in North America Area, Li Wang, Executive Vice President of Coolpad Group and other executives from top brands of China Consumer Electronics and awards enterprises of global intelligent interconnecting equipment top brands as well as Xiong Xiaoge, Executive Vice President of IDG Global and capital founding partner, Xu Zhou, Vice President of IDG Asian Area and other guests will carry out summit dialogue around the topic "Branding Your Smart Future." Meanwhile, "2014-2015 Top 50 of Global Consumer Electronics," "2014-2015 Top 20 of Global Televisions," "2014-2015 Top 100 of Global Intelligent Interconnecting Equipment Leading Brands," "2014-2015 Top 10 if Global Smart Phone Leading Brands," "2014-2015 Top 10 of China Consumer Electronics Leading Brands" and "2014-2015 Global Mobile Terminal Accessories and Peripheral Leading Brands" six awards will be published and medal presentation ceremony will be held in CES period in Jan., 2015. Candidate brands include leading enterprises in Consumer Electronics industry: Samsung, Apple, ZTE, TCL, Changhong, CEC, Great Wall, BOE, Hisense, Huawei, Lenovo, Haier, LG, etc as well as intelligent terminal brands such as Monster, iPearl, Omate, Logitech, etc.

"Global Top Brand," organized by IDG and supported by the authoritative research firm IDC, has so far been held for eight years. The purpose is to showcase the glamour of Chinese consumer electronics brands, elevate the influence of Chinese consumer electronics brands on the international market, and finally drive the development of China’s consumer electronics industry. Every year the activity is held in parallel with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is known as the wind vane of the global consumer electronics industry, and announces winners of the Global Top Brands at the same time. Supported by the activity, the winner companies on previous sessions successfully displayed their R&D power to an array of international media, generating considerable amount of coverage including feature stories on CES Daily and TWICE, as well as continuous coverage by a multitude of media including News Channel, Economics Channel, CCTV and Phoenix TV, portal websites including Sina, Sohu and Tencent, and print media including Consumer Electronics. The winner companies with the help of CES also managed to quickly find international partners, strengthened overseas channel building, improved reputation in China and proactively expanded the overseas markets.

The "2014-2015 Global Top Brands" competition is in the final assessment now. The judge panel, a team made up of experts from respected manufacturers, patent organizations and the organizers, will carry out a full-scale evaluation of the candidate companies, with consideration of the results of online voting (20%) and also based on relevant data and assessment criteria (40%). Finally, the top brands with the highest sum of the weighted scores are screened out. A grand awarding ceremony will be held in Las Vegas on the 2015 CES to announce the winning brands.

Propelled by the brand new technology of information connectivity in the age of mobile Internet, the global consumer electronics industry will embrace significant changes, suggesting a new round of opportunities for the Chinese electronic consumer brands. As the brands from the largest consumer electronics market in the world, Chinese companies are expected to gain remarkable power in the future. We believe these prize-winning brands will become the engine pushing China’s consumer electronics to constantly evolve forward. The journey of 2014-2015 Global Top Brands has started. Together let’s get ready to hurray for the branding power from China!

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