Branding Your Smart Future — “2014-2015 Global Top Brands” Released

LAS VEGAS, January 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The award ceremony of "2014-2015 Global Top Brands" that sponsored by the American International Data Group (IDG) was grandly held on Jan. 7 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Under the gaze of nearly 200 world authoritative media and the global consumer electronics industry at the scene, Mr. Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Communications Worldwide, announced all award lists of "2014-2015 Global Top Brands". The worldwide well-known consumer electronics and intelligent Internet manufacturers received all awards respectively, which jointly showed the strength of scientific and technological innovation in the consumer electronics industry to the whole world.


The selection campaign of "Global Top Brand" was sponsored by the International Data Group (IDG), and obtained full support from the authoritative research institution International Data Corporation (IDC). The campaign has been conducted for nine sessions by far, the purpose is to show the enterprise features of global consumer electronics brands to the consumers around the world, enhance the speech power of each big consumer electronics enterprises in the international markets, thus promoting the future development of global consumer electronics industry. What is the difference than ever is that the campaign of Global Top Brands this year included six awards:

  • "2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands"
  • "2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20"
  • "2014-2015 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 10"
  • "2014-2015 Global Smart Phone Top 10"
  • "2014-2015 Top 10 Brands From China"
  • and "2014-2015 Leading Brands of Global Mobile Terminal Accessories and Peripherals"

The campaign conducted a comprehensive arrangement and evaluation to global consumer electronics industry in 2014 based on the three ways of network voting, data assessment from the authoritative third-party of IDC and the professional assessment of senior expert jury from the field of consumer electronics. Eventually, a total of 50 companies, including Samsung, Apple, Foxconn, and China companies such as Haier, Hisense, TCL, Changhong, CEC, ZTE, etc. won the awards of "2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands". 20 companies, such as Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense, Changhong, Haier, etc. won the awards of "2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20". Companies such as Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, ZTE, HUAWEI, Coolpad, etc. won the awards of "2014-2015 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 10" and "2014-2015 Global Smart Phone Top 10". A total of 20 Apple industry chain brands, such as Monster, iPearl, Logitech, etc. won the award of "2014-2015 Global iBrands Top 20". A total of 10 Chinese consumer electronics brands, such as Haier, Hisense, Changhong, TCL, Lenovo, Huawei, the Great Wall, BOE, ZTE, etc. won the awards of "Annual Top 10 Brands From China". Meanwhile, BOE won the Annual Display Tech Innovation Award, and Changhong won the individual awards for its Changhong Smart Synergy TV and Changhong Cloud Identification Refrigerator, Hisense won the individual award of Hisense ULED Annual Display Tech Gold Award. Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Communications Worldwide, William Stofega, IDC Mobile Phones Program Director, Jurgen Boyny, Global Director CE of GfK made wonderful speeches at the scene.

After the awards ceremony, the organizer, IDG also hosted the "International Consumer Electronics Industry Leaders’ Summit", the senior management from China’s leading consumer electronics brands and the award enterprises of leading brands of global smart connected devices, such as Zhou Gengshen, President of Great Wall, Cheng Lixin, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation, President of ZTE North America Mobile Devices Business Unit, and Chairman and CEO of ZTE USA , Wei Qi (PhD) , Lenovo VP, GM of MBG R&D, He Gang, President of Huawei Mobile Product Line, Li Wang, Executive VP of Coolpad Group, Liang Qichun, VP of TCL Corporation, Yorkson Wang, Manging Director Overseas Stretegy & Development Dept. Changhong, etc. conducted summit dialogue around the theme of "BRANDING YOUR SMART FUTURE" under the auspice of Antonio Wang, IDC Research Director, and exchanged their views on the application of emerging internet technologies to the enterprise brand image, product features, sales promotion, and the mutual relationship of multi-dimensional intelligence applications and so on, and carried out deep discussion and analysis to the comprehensive ability to keep the global competitiveness and healthy development of brand.

At the same time, on the CES show that known as "Weathercock of Global Consumer Electronics", all enterprises that won the awards of "2014-2015 Global Top Brands" will achieve the omni-directional three-dimensional publicities from the world’s top media, and substantial transmission on CES DAILY, TWICE. And winners of Global Top Brands can obtain the opportunities of cooperation and negotiation with international well-known consumer electronics brands with the help of CES, quickly find international partners, thus ranking among world’s top platform and strongly promoting the continued development process of brand.

At the scene of the award ceremony, Mr. Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Communications Worldwide, said, "Now, the emerging internet technologies that represented by mobile interconnection and intelligent application are sweeping around the world with incredible speed, under the pattern of this new technology, only through accelerating scientific and technological innovation and leading the trend of science and technology can the consumer electronics companies realize effective development in the future. The campaign of 2014-2015 Global Top Brands that held by us was an arrangement and evaluation to the innovation capability and convergence ability of global consumer electronics brands in 2014. IDG hopes to further improve the comprehensive ability of sustainable development and competitiveness of the brand to the global consumer electronics industry through annual appraisal and selection to show the world the strength of science and technology innovation that can’t be neglected to the whole world."

Tomson Dongsheng Li, Chairman and CEO of TCL said, "Now, the rapid development of internet technology in the global scope realized a more and more popular intelligence and networking of household appliances. It is my pleasure that TCL was selected into Top 10 Brands From China again this year, as well as2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands and 2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20. TCL will also further promote the implementation of double +strategy, perfect the industry layout, build the vertical integration advantages of industrial chain, and enhance the brand visibility and influence. TCL will enhance the enterprise value and create the world’s leading brand."

E Hao, TCL Corporation Vice President and TCL Multimedia CEO, said, "This year, TCL Corporation released the new business transformation strategy under the era of Internet transition ‘double +’ strategy of ‘smart + internet’ and ‘products + services’, and comprehensively built the transformation and new business model for TCL Group with the thinking of internet. This year, the selection of TCL as Top 10 Brands From China‘, as well as ‘2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands’ and 2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20fully showed that the recognitions of the industry and the market to TCL Corporation in the breakthrough of strategy transformation in the internet age."

Haier Group representative said, "With the rapid development of internet technology, the consumer electronics products such as televisions have transformed from original traditional products to intelligent products, which become home multimedia terminals and mobile multimedia terminals. It was the ninth time that Haier was selected as ‘Top 10 Brands From China’ this year, as well as ‘2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands’ and ‘2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20’, it is the honor of world’s consumer electronics industry to Haier, as the world famous home appliance brand that create in China, Haier is comprehensively developing in the direction of overall solution provider of digital home and intelligent service through the layout and the integration of global resources as well as new mobile internet technology."

Liu Tibin, Deputy Chairman and General Manager of Changhong, said, "I’m glad that I stood on the podium of IDG global top brands this year again. In recent years, Changhong has always closely focusing on the strategy of new three-dimensional coordinates, including intelligence, networking and collaboration and took them as working directions, conducted in-depth integration to each big industry chain. The selection of ‘2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands’ and ‘2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20’, and again ‘2014-2015 Top 10 Brands From China’, as well as two individual awards at the same time also reflected the achievement of new three-dimensional strategies. In the future, Changhong will also redefine the functions of multi-terminals, such as television, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. and a wide range of interconnections and smart synergy among terminals, comprehensively help consumers create ‘home internet’."

Cheng Lixin, Chairman and CEO of ZTE USA, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation said, "Thanks to the rapid development of mobile internet, the global consumer electronics industry in 2014 showed the new vigor. The achievement of ‘2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands’, ‘2014-2015 Top 10 Brands From China’, ‘2014-2015 Global Smart Connected Devices Top 10’, ‘2014-2015 Global Smart Phone Top 10’ by ZTE are attributed to the keen perception and advanced practices of the new technology, as well as the steady accumulation of research and development for many years. Now ZTE has become the fourth largest smart phone manufacturers in the market of North America, ZTE will follow the future trend of science and technology to make innovations in the future, drive the development by innovation, lead the future by the science and technology, and strive to rank the third in the market of North American and become the world’s leading smart phone brand."

Zhou Gengshen, President of Great Wall said, "Thanks you for IDG to grant Great Wall the award of ‘2014-2015 Top 10 Brands From China’. At present, the transformation tide of industry intelligence that mainly featured by the application of new technologies, such as mobile interconnection, big data and cloud computing, etc. has expanded rapidly, in this new situation, the Great Wall computer will play its competitive advantages of full industrial chain and resource integration capability, as well as the leading edge in the field of information security to deepen the chain integration from ‘end’ to ‘cloud’, provide the comprehensive application solutions ranging from the ‘mobile end’, ‘fixed end’ to the ‘cloud center’ and then to protection guarantee of information security to the users, fully meeting various application requirements for users."

Zhang Yu, Vice President of BOE said, "The mobile interconnection and the progress of new information technology are quietly promoting the revolutionary change of display field, the integration of screen, cloud, Internet of Things, intelligence, etc. will further promote the rapid changes of industry ecosystem and business models. BOE is highly excited for the selection of ‘2014-2015 Top 10 Brands From China’ once again and winning of annual display technology innovation awards, which also the affirmation of global consumer electronics industry to China’s display technology and brands. In the future, BOE will also rely on the strategy of ‘5P + H’ products, adhere to the innovation driven development and value driven creation, improve the performance of display products continuously, providing customers with exciting products and services and creating new values."

Hisense Group representative said, "This year, Hisense is not only continuously selected as ‘Top 10 Brands From China’ and the individual award of gold award for annual display technology of Hisense ULED, it also won the ‘2014-2015 Global Top 50 CE Brands’ and ‘2014-2015 Global TV Brands Top 20’, thanks IDG and global consumer electronics industry for giving affirmation to Hisense. In 2011, Hisense released its intelligent strategy, and now the rise of new internet technology let the users usher in a new period of explosive growth to the demands for cloud interconnection and intelligent applications, while Hisense has released its intelligent strategy since 2011, Hisense also will continue to lead the intelligence in future to bring the intelligence and the internet to every branch of home appliance, and release new competitiveness with new technology."

Huang Haihui, iPearl North America CEO, said, "Apple peripheral products are popular all over the world, with its supporting surrounding industrial chains were also continuously expanded and deepened, and achieved rapid growth. This year, iPhone 6 and other products of Apple become very popular all over the world, which further promoted the development of the surrounding industrial chains. For a long time, iPearl focused on the design and manufacturing of personalized, vogue, portable and creative digital accessories, and is good at incorporating the creative and innovative science and technology, extraordinary creativity and portable concept into iPhone and other digital products, which have been favored by global users. In the future, iPearl will continue to provide the full range of accessories to the digital products of international well-known brands, such as Apple, Samsung, etc. and fully meet the diverse needs of the users."

With the rapid development of various emerging Internet technologies and applications of the mobile Internet, smart application, big data, etc. after entering into the era of mobile Internet, the peak of upgrading of intelligent home appliance of global consumers has come. Under the new round of development opportunities, the global consumer electronics companies have excellent performance both in product research & development and technology innovation, and the release of the list of "2014-2015 Global Top Brands" also fully illustrated this point. We believed that the global consumer electronics industry is certain to usher in a new high-speed development once again under the guidance of new science and technology and the award-winning enterprises.

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