Brisk business in Bangkok’s Khao San area as World Cup 2022 kicks off

Pubs and restaurants on Bangkok’s Khao San Road were packed with foreign tourists and locals eating, drinking and watching the first match of World Cup 2022 in Qatar late last night.


All the night spots have installed large screens especially for soccer fans. One food shop-owner said that he has decorated his premises to match the soccer-crazed atmosphere, with the national flags of the countries qualified for the competition in Qatar.


Some Mexican tourists were even seen strolling along Khao San Road, wearing the country’s signature sombreros.


Most entrepreneurs in the area, popular among back-packers, anticipate brisk business during the month-long World Cup and expect more tourist arrivals by yearend and into the New Year.


Despite rain in the evening, several bars on Pattaya’s Beach Road were alive with tourists and locals enjoying drinks and watching the first World Cup match last night, between the host country and Ecuador.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service