British businessman caught with sex pills and drugs

A British businessman was arrested after illicit drugs were found in his possession in a raid of a resort in Banglamung district of Chon Buri early Sunday morning by a combined force of local officials, police and the military.

About 50 members of the combined force first raided a bar located in the resort in Tambong Nong Prue of Banglamung district a large group of Thai and foreign clients were drinking. Some tried to run away but were intercepted by the officials.

The officials then searched room No 202 in the resort occupied by a British businessman known by the name of David and found 20 packs of sex pills and a small amount of heroin .

David reportedly told the police that he owns the sex pills and drugs that he bought for use in his birthday party.

The officials then searched 16 other rooms in the resort and a bag of a housemaid of the resort and found five methamphetamine pills and a World War Two handgun with eight rounds of ammunition in its magazine in the office.

The British businessman and the housemaid were later taken to Nong Prue police station for further questioning.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)