BTS orders overall inspection of escalator systems at all stations

Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Ltd (BTS) has ordered overall inspection of it's escalator systems at all stations after a step of an escalator at Phayathai station collapsed while it was moving.

The incident happened at about 3 pm on Monday (March 19). Nobody was injured in the incident.

A BTS passenger who encountered the incident posted on her Facebook a picture of the escalator's step subsiding as she was about to step on it.

BTS said in its announcement today (March 20) that the escalator stopped automatically when a step of the ecalator on the ground surface of the road collapsed.

Security guards immediately sealed off the escalator for safety reasons.

BTS said installation and maintenance of its escalator systems at all stations were handled by leading western and Japanese manufacturers, thus enabling the company to ensure maximum safety since it commenced sky train service with no escalator accident throughout the past 18 years.

However it said that the incident has prompted the company to order immediate overall inspection of escalators at all stations to prevent any recurrence of the incident.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)