BTS wiil extend sky train service from Bearing to Samrong for free from April 3

Bangkok Rapid Transit Authority (BTS) will open sky train service from Bearing station to Samrong station on April 3.

The opening of the service to extended station at Samrong station from Bearing is part of the BTS's Green Line South route from Bearing to Samut Prakarn.

Passengers on the route will be allowed to enjoy free ride to the extended station through the month of April.

According to Samut Prakarn provincial governor Chartchai Uthaiphand, he was formally informed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's Traffic and Transport Department that the BTS will extend the sky train service on its Green Line South route by another station after construction and renovation of the extended line to the station was completed.

He said the service will extend from Bearing station to Samrong.

The opening ceremony from 08.00 � 11.00 am will be held and presided over by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the governor said.

The Green Line South route starts from Bearing to Samut Prakarn at a total distance of 13 kilometres with altogether 9 stations.

They are Samrong, Poochao Samingprai, Erawan, Royal Thai Academy, Samut Prakarn, Srinakharin, Phreak Sa, Sai Luad, and Samut Prakarn Housing Estate.

The Samut Prakarn Housing Estate station will be located on a 18-rai plot of land capable for parking of 1,800 cars.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)