calls for urgent relief to the people of Prachinburi-Rayong

"Prad Prasop" urges the government to heal the people. “Prachinburi-Rayong” case of cesium-137 accelerate the confidence of the public Does not affect living and trading

Mr. Plodprasop Suraswadi, Chairman of the Environmental Policy Committee, Pheu Thai Party, together with Mr. Anusorn Iamsa-ad, Deputy Secretary to the Strategy and Political Direction Committee, Pheu Thai Party, held a press conference on the action plan to build public confidence. On the issue of cesium-137 leaks, Mr Plodprasop said he wanted the relevant agencies to investigate. that since the government agency became aware of the news of the loss of caesium-137 Have you checked? to license cesium-137 in how much quantity Where is cesium-137 now and has coordinated with the Department of Industrial Works and the National Institute of Nuclear Technology? (Public Organization) or Sor. Go to check or not.

Plodprasop said that the Pheu Thai Party was deeply concerned. because people will not be able to trade and make a living want the government to be altruistic for the common good When an incident has occurred, it must be accelerated to build confidence that it must not happen again. If Pheu Thai is the government Absolutely will not allow such incidents to occur. Calls on the government to speed up actions to build confidence among the people, including 6 aspects, namely

Go back to the forge to inspect again and have it 100% cleaned and have an intermediary verify that there is no 100% cesium-137.

Waste containing radioactive cesium-137, when melted, the substance will evaporate into filters and other points, which must be collected. Can't even leave the tip of the needle Storage must build a special reinforced concrete silo in an area that is not a factory. It must be completely closed, built around a dam, covered with a roof and equipped with a camera 24 hours a day.

The government must organize ground units. Check for cesium-137 Every square inch of carpet both Prachinburi and Rayong provinces to make the public confident When inspected, the white flag must be planted. As was the case with the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japan in 2011

Thorough blood tests for children, adults and people in the area

Explore and compensate for damages to farmers. A restaurant whose order has been cancelled. because it is a defect of government agencies that work late

The Prime Minister must be responsible to the people. without knowledge and making mistakes Order the responsible agency that does not match the job.

Plodprasop said the government must speed up prosecution against power plants, smelters and junkyards as well. Along with having to check the soil, check the water in the area thoroughly especially water sources

“The heart of this story is to build people's trust. that they can live in Thailand safely can be traded Now the people are not convinced. can't be traded General Prayut, do you understand? Do you empathize with them? The Prime Minister must inform the Atoms for Peace Organization. The Vienna Office informed that big things need to be solved in big ways. can't be solved insoluble," said Mr. Plodprasop.

Mr. Anusorn said that the action plan to build public confidence. The issue of cesium-137 leaks is a big deal. In this case that is lost and has red dust. The relevant officials took time to compile and make a statement. The government's attitude from taking responsibility Including remedies for the people, the government has completely failed the exam.

Source: Thai News Agency