Looks like “Yingluck” can return to Thailand if she doesn’t break the law.

Rama Gardens Hotel, "Anutin?" confirms that he has not yet raised the issue. Yingluck expresses congratulations After the court dismissed the roadshow case Because I don't have a number, I can go back to Thailand if I don't break the law. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Refer to the case of the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions dismissing the case against Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, former prime minister. In the case of organizing a road show "Create the Future of Thailand, Thailand 2020" Have you already called to congratulate him that he always has good wishes for you? But I don't have your phone number yet. As for what the academics have come out to say: Miss Yingluck may return to Thailand during this year. Mr. Anutin stated that he has not yet studied in detail. But what is done is not illegal? No one is in trouble. If we hear it, it's OK. Any part that is not illegal, we are happy to praise. because they are acquaintances He doesn't like seeing anyone suffering. Mr. Anutin refused to answer questions. In the case of news that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister Will travel to pay homage to ancestors in Chiang Mai province at the same time as Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Prepare to go to the area Chiang Mai Province as well. Source: Thai News Agency

The government is not worried about the opposition preparing to submit a debate.

House, "Kenika" reveals the government is not worried about the opposition, preparing to submit a debate. Ready to answer all questions I would like to use my time to benefit the country. Don't just think about playing political games. Ms. Kanika Aunjit, Deputy Spokesperson for the Office of the Prime Minister Referring to the case where the opposition party There was a resolution to submit a motion to open general debate without voting. According to Section 152 of the Constitution, to question the work of the government, whether it is the duty of the executive branch If the legislature wants to check the performance of its duties The government is ready to explain in accordance with constitutional law. However, when the opposition party submitted the motion to the Speaker of the House of Representatives The government will probably discuss the date and time of the break from missions that were previously set. before specifying the time again But I confirm that The government is happy to answer questions fr om all MPs without any concerns. and saw it as an opportunity for the government to explain its policy actions over the past 6 months Ms. Kanika further said that throughout the period of 6 months, the government led by Prime Minister Settha Thavisin has performed administrative duties fully. and followed the policy announced to the people Whether it's the economy, income, expenses, people's well-being, the environment, such as reducing energy expenses. and transportation, announced moving forward to solve the problem of informal debt as a national agenda, suspending debt of farmers with debts not exceeding 300,000 baht, the Cabinet agreed to pay 1,000 baht per rai of harvest assistance to 4.68 million households nationwide. country Or helping sugarcane farmers cut fresh sugarcane and reduce PM 2.5 by 120 baht/ton. The above is just a part. 'The opposition party said about the government that The promises made to the people were not fulfilled. and not doing anything in a substantial way, seeing that the gov ernment's work is something that the people can touch More than loose words without evidence, hoping only for political results. The goal of the government's work is Solving problems for the people And every minister can answer every question from the opposition. But I ask that the opposition use the parliament's time to benefit the nation as much as possible. Do not use this platform as a political tool to try to discredit the government in an unfair way,' Ms. Kanika Said. Source: Thai News Agency

Concerned about the hot spot situation, increasing PM 2.5 dust values.

House of Representatives, The Prime Minister is concerned about the situation of heat points, burning, increasing PM 2.5 dust values, and emphasizes prevention and control of forest fires. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance There is concern about the situation of PM 2.5 dust values ??increasing in northern areas such as Chiang Mai province. From the decrease and good weather at the beginning of last year From the cooperation of all sectors Including neighboring countries that have joined together to reduce burning in a concrete way. and had previously emphasized the issue of forest fires that is likely to occur more Especially during the summer There are hot spots and places where there is a high risk of fire outbreaks. And most importantly, it is the cause of PM 2.5 dust. Currently, from the weather report, PM 2.5 dust has increased. Until it's worrisome which is caused by the heat point We must go back and solve the root cause, which is forest fires, by instructing relevant agenc ies to watch out for risky areas. and has high heat At each point, don't be careless to prevent it. Including the need to request intensive cooperation from all sectors. As usual, when a fire ignites or erupts, you must quickly control and extinguish the fire at the initial stage as quickly as possible. and strictly follow the incident response plan that has been ordered. This requires all relevant parts including support from the army Let's work together to prevent and deal with the wildfire situation this summer. The Prime Minister will be scheduled to visit the area. Chiang Mai Province during March 15-17 to follow up and solve problems regarding the forest fire situation. that results in widespread damage Especially natural resources and PM 2.5 dust as well. Source: Thai News Agency

Develop technology to make access to the justice system easier.

Administrative Court, The Administrative Court announces its 23rd anniversary work, moving forward with technology development. Promote the mediation system for case disputes Access to justice is simple and fast. Mr. Prawit Bunthiam, Chairman of the Tort Litigation and Other Liability Division at the highest administrative level Help work temporarily in the position of Vice President of the Supreme Administrative Court. Announcing the results of the work of the Administrative Court for 23 years, it said that in the overview of the administrative court cases throughout the 23 years until February 29, 2024, there were 212,196 cases considered by the Administrative Court, divided into 148,955 cases that entered the Administrative Court of First Instance. Appeal cases or lawsuits filed directly with the Supreme Administrative Court amounted to 63,241 cases, with the highest number of cases filed being Personnel management, discipline, supplies, administrative contracts Tort cases and other liabilities, when cla ssified according to the agencies that are the ones being sued the most are: Ministry of Interior, total 45,790 cases, Bangkok 7,655 cases, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives 4,721 cases, Royal Thai Police 4,575 cases, Ministry of Transport 4,198 cases 'The consideration of 184,757 cases has been completed, accounting for 87% of the admitted cases. Divided into 132,264 cases in the Administrative Court of First Instance, accounting for 89%, while in the Supreme Administrative Court, 52,493 cases, accounting for 83%, while 27,439 cases are under consideration, divided into 16,691 cases in the Administrative Court of First Instance and 10,748 cases in the Supreme Administrative Court in 2023. There were 12,637 completed cases, divided into 4,789 Supreme Administrative Court cases, which were more completed than admitted cases. and the Administrative Court of First Instance Able to complete consideration of 3,153 cases,' Mr. Prawit said. Mr. Prawit said that as for the cases that were entered There were 9,300 cases filed via electronic means in both courts, and 5,028 cases were completed. The Administrative Court aims to develop the electronic administrative court to the fullest extent. By the end of fiscal year 2027, the Administrative Court will be an electronic court system or e-Admincout and will have international standards. By creating a digital development plan 2023-2027. Providing citizens with convenient access to administrative court justice through digital technology. which has a central service platform Link the administrative case system in case management There are measures to prevent and help reduce disputes among administrative agencies. 'We designed it to be suable from the beginning. all the way to the High Court without leaving home The important thing is to open it and see. Not suing and turning off the bed. and there is no limit to the cases that can be filed. But you have to show yourself. and ID card number As for whether it can be done faster or not? I think it will be faster. Becaus e you press send immediately, reducing costs. It only depends on when it will be opened and read. Including the court will reduce the time for drafting and reprinting, except for drafting judgments which may take time,' Mr. Prawit said. Mr. Prawit said that since the court introduced the dispute mediation system in administrative cases throughout the country from September 2019 to February 2024, there have been 735 cases entering the dispute mediation process of the Administrative Court of First Instance, of which 672 cases have been completed. It is 91% of cases that go to mediation. with the most mediation being Disputes regarding administrative contracts. In 2024, there is a plan to develop a dispute mediation system in 2 parts: citizen cases Or the parties want to start the mediation process, they can start filing through the electronic administrative case anytime, anywhere. and develop the electronic administrative court system to support the process Facilitating administrative court personnel. Source : Thai News Agency

‘Puangphet’ raids a place selling e-cigarettes near an educational institution.

Bangkok, "Minister Puangpetch" went to the area together with "Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau" to break down places selling e-cigarettes. Near educational institutions, 15 points, worth 3 million baht, indicating that sellers will be arrested because e-cigarettes contain nicotine. It destroys children's brains. "Big Jo" says he is preparing to expand the results. Catch the big culprit Revealed to have information Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlaid, Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office along with Police Major General Teeradej Thammasuthee, Investigation Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau and Mr. Thasorn At Thasitthiphan, Secretary-General of the Consumer Protection Board. Opened an operation to destroy Vape Operation (electronic cigarettes) at 15 points, divided into 14 points of sales near educational institutions and 1 point of a smuggling warehouse. Currently, 7 points have been searched. 8 points are in the process of being searched. 7 dealers, 8 people total. More than 6,000 item s were seized, which if including the seizure of e-cigarettes in all 15 locations, there would be a total of 3 million baht worth of seized items. By one of the points at Nang Phuang Phet Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office together with the Metropolitan Police Bureau in raiding and arresting It is a market area in the area of ??Ramkhamhaeng University 2, found openly for sale. There is a Thai female employee in front of the store. and gave a statement to the police that I have been a salesperson for 2 months and do not know who the owner is. The store is open from 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. and has daily sales of 7,000 - 10,000 baht, which customers can pay via cash and transfer money through accounts. The police have inquired whether or not it has been sold to children and youth. The employee denied that it was sold to children. This caused the police to bring evidence from CCTV cameras to reveal in front of them that it was actually being sold to children and youth. We found that this arrest invo lved only children as young as 7 years old. The next point, Metropolitan Police detectives searched an apartment in Soi Vibhavadi 16 where they found e-cigarettes along with confiscated items such as replaceable head e-cigarettes. e-cigarette liquid Disposable electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette gadgets with various cartoon characters, etc., were found among foreign employees. His duty was to pack and deliver products. He testified that he came to work for about 3 months and received a salary of 13,000 baht. He was initially hired to sell dolls. But when the actual work started Found that they were selling electronic cigarettes. The officers will detain the said employee and further expand the results of the arrest. After the arrest and search The Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office held a joint press conference with Investigation Commander, Metropolitan Police Bureau Mrs. Puangpetch said that because the Prime Minister had urged strict searches. and arrest illegal sales of electronic cigarettes Therefore, I discussed with Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Request additional police force Which has assigned Police Major General Teeradej Thammasuthee to be the investigation force until it is known that in Bangkok And in the surrounding area, there are many places that sell e-cigarettes near educational institutions. and from visiting the area Today I found evidence. Electronic cigarettes have modified accessories. To motivate children and youth to turn to smoking even more. After this, there will be an investigation to find the main cause. Ready to confirm that E-cigarettes are illegal. And today it is still time to allow it to be a legal product. E-cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine that affects the brain. If youth and children Smoking it will cause brain damage. Because youth and children are an important force for the nation. 'Today e-cigarettes are still illegal. Both positive and negative, today we have to sit and talk about which one is more effec tive, which will take time, but today e-cigarettes are still illegal. Everyone must detect them. Everyone has a duty not to neglect them. Must ask for cooperation from the police in the area. and related agencies integrate together to help the nation's youth Including parents if they see their children buying things into the house. Provide clues to the sales location. In order for the police to expand further, the girls went to the source and most found that e-cigarettes were smuggled from neighboring countries,' said the Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office. Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office Also talking about blocking illegal sellers of electronic cigarettes through online channels, he said that today the Secretary of the Office of the Consumer Protection Board invited representatives of two major online product sales websites to come and talk in order to inspect the product distributors. Including those illegally selling on Facebook and TikTok channels, they have coordinated wit h the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) to take action to shut down more than 1,000 of those websites. Police Major General Theeradej said that the Metropolitan Police Detective Team had been planning the arrest for more than two weeks based on information received. and led to today's arrest. Initially, 7 locations were searched and nearly 6,000 electronic cigarette items were found. It is a joint operation to keep youth safe. 'A reminder to parents to check that what their children are hanging on to is not a doll but an electronic cigarette. This is something that is intoxicating and addictive,' Police Major General Theeradej said. The part that society still questions. The arrest still cannot be traced to the main culprit. Police Major General Theeradej Today we have many traces of evidence. But we must not forget that prevention and suppression We can't do it alone. It takes cooperation from many sectors to make it go away. The investigative team is responsible for taking care of the Bangko k and surrounding area. Work from now on must be thorough and careful. At the same time, it is believed that if officials are able to inspect all 15 points, it is expected that more than 10,000 items will be found. Source: Thai News Agency

Request the council to set up a committee to study the jurisdiction of the court. Constitution-Legislative

Parliament, Moving forward, submitting an urgent motion asking the House of Representatives to set up a committee to study the scope of constitutional jurisdiction and legislative power. After looking at the decision of the Constitutional Court Affecting work Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, list of MPs and the leader of the progressive party As the leader of the opposition in the House of Representatives along with MPs of the Forward Party Submit a letter to Mr. Wan Muhammad Noor Matha, Speaker of the House of Representatives. To propose an urgent motion to request that the House of Representatives appoint a special committee to study the scope of constitutional jurisdiction and the scope of legislative power. Due to the decision of the Constitutional Court No. 3/2024 or the case of overthrowing the government of the Progressive Party. The full diagnosis was published in the Royal Gazette on February 29. The Progressive Party sees that there are some issues that affect the performance of its duties. and the perfo rmance of the work of MPs, including members of parliament significantly Therefore, it is necessary to propose an urgent motion requesting the House to appoint a special committee to study the scope of constitutional jurisdiction and the scope of legislative power. In the case of investigating the actions of MPs or members of parliament in legislative proceedings According to the Constitutional Court decision No. 3/2024 and other decisions Because of the accusation that the proposal to amend the criminal law, Section 112, of the Progressive Party MP is It is the overthrow of the government. There is one issue where the party has made progress. has disputed the allegation that Proposing amendments to Section 112 of the Criminal Law is not an exercise of rights or freedoms. The Constitutional Court has the power to make decisions according to Section 49 of the Constitution that appears in the petition. But the proposed draft law Whatever version it is, it is the power of the MPs according to the legislative pr ocess. and proposing legislative bills It cannot be the overthrow of government. Because the state has assigned the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court. Has the power to examine draft laws. both before and after the promulgation, but it appears that according to the decision of the Constitutional Court The jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court has been interpreted as follows: Although presenting a bill to the House of Representatives is a parliamentary method which the Constitution provides for the legislature Has direct authority to propose laws. However, the Constitutional Court found that Constitutional Court Has the power to inspect and decide whether Proposing the said law Is it the overthrow of government? which in this section It will affect the clarity of the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court. This will directly affect the performance of the legislative branch, whether it be MPs or Members of Parliament. Mr. Chaithawat said the House of Representatives should urgently consider proposi ng an urgent motion requesting the House to appoint a special committee to study the scope of constitutional jurisdiction and the scope of legislative power. Cases examining the actions of MPs, including previous court decisions Concerning the proposed amendment of the Constitution to allow for the election of a Constituent Assembly (MP) or cases where there has been a decision Do not amend the constitution In amending the origins of senators, however, all of these things significantly affect the balance and balance of power of the legislative and judicial branches. 'The Move Forward Party hopes to be able to include it as an urgent motion as soon as possible because it has a direct effect on MPs and Members of Parliament are uncertain. What can or cannot be done? and what can be interpreted or can be examined by the Constitutional Court more than what the Constitution specifically specifies. And this matter is only a motion to propose education. It does not affect the decision that has already been made. An d it is not about any violation of the court. all,' Mr. Chaithawat said. Mr. Wan Muhammad Noor said he would take the motion to the House's legal department. Examine the scope of the power of the Speaker of the Council. and methods for further operations without conflicting with the provisions of the Constitution and various regulations and will proceed as the party desires To protect the interests of all parties To comply with the provisions of the Constitution and regulations. As for how the results of this study by the Special Commission will affect various parties, Mr. Chaithawat said that at least there will be clarity in the legislative branch. How much jurisdiction does the Constitutional Court have? And we expect that the results of this study It will take part in considering the preparation of a new constitution in the future. This matter is still a problem to this day, such as the draft of the Pheu Thai Party proposing amendments to the constitution. without editing the entire version Each parliam ent considers that Proposing to amend the constitution like this It will be contrary to the decision of the Constitutional Court. Even though the Pheu Thai Party uses power in accordance with the constitution If this matter is still unclear There will continue to be problems in the future. Mr. Chaithawat further said that the results of this study It may lead to proposals to amend some sections of the constitution. In order for clarity to occur more about the scope of power of the Constitutional Court. For example, if the Constitutional Court views that Proposing a law It is the power of the legislative parliament. If the judges of the Constitutional Court I want to check the constitutionality. The constitutionality should be examined according to the procedures that the Constitution has specifically prescribed. That is, after the draft law was passed. Before being announced This may lead to the amendment of Section 49 of the Constitution to make it clear that What are the exemptions? More than that, it may lead to amending all articles related to the Constitutional Court, etc., so as not to cause a loss of balance in checks and balances with various political institutions. When asked about the case where a copy of the case to overthrow the government of the Kaewklai Party will be brought to the Election Commission (EC) meeting, is it considered rushed to be considered or not? Mr. Chaithawat said that there is still no conclusion. He already knows that there are people who have gone. cry The party's legal department prepared to fight the case At this time, we are just waiting for when the Election Commission will call us to acknowledge the allegations. According to the process, there should be an inquiry process. To give us a chance to fight Clarify the allegations as soon as possible. When asked about the special committee that is proposed Does it not have a concrete effect on the decision of the Constitutional Court? Mr. Chaithawat said that is correct, it is impossible and we do not want it to affect the de cision that has already been made. But problems will arise after this. including future problems If the study can lead to suggestions for amending and adding a better constitution in the future, that would be a good thing. Mr. Chaithawat further said that the problem of interpreting constitutional jurisdiction is not new. which is very strange If the legislature is unable to amend constitutional laws like this 'Because we have already fixed it. The legislature, including the Constituent Assembly, can amend the origins of the Senate. But when one era came, it appeared that The Constitutional Court has expanded its power to interpret such matters, interfering and crossing the boundaries of the legislative branch. It will be a political problem in the future,' Mr. Chaithawat said. When asked if there were any discussions with other political parties, Mr. Chaithawat said that he had already informed the government political parties. But what the attitude will be, I don't know because it depends on the privileg es of the party. In the morning after the opposition leader's meeting He informed that A motion will be filed on the matter. which was emphasized to all parties that This is not a motion. who said that the use of power and the interpretation of the Constitutional Court in the past, right or wrong, but it is a proposal for education for the future only. Source: Thai News Agency

The first 2 months generated additional income of over a hundred billion.

Government House, Government spokesperson reveals tourist numbers for the first 2 months of the year. More than 50% more than the same period last year, generating more than 100 billion in additional income. The Prime Minister is satisfied with the government's stimulus measures. Thank you to every sector that helped. Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, said that from the figures for the number of foreign tourists in the first 2 months of 2024, there were more than 1 million and 100,000 Chinese tourists, more than 800,000 Malaysians, over 400,000 Russians and South Koreans, and over 300,000 Indians. As a result, the total number of tourists in the first 2 months of 2024 is more than 50% higher than the number of tourists during the same period last year, generating more than 100 billion baht in income for the country this year. 'The Prime Minister thanks the relevant agencies for jointly adhering to the policy to support tourism. Facilitate Ensuring safety for tourists Until the number of tourists increased this much Believe that the mechanism according to the vision Having clear guidelines for the government's work will help the country develop. as set out,' a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office Said Source: Thai News Agency

Believe that cooperation will make the strategy successful.

Australia, Prime Minister gives statement on key challenges. and the need to promote peace, stability, economic partnership, and climate change. Believe that cooperation will make the strategy successful. Today (March 6) at 1:45 p.m. (Melbourne local time) commonwealth of australia which is 4 hours faster than Thailand) Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Attended the informal meeting of ASEAN-Australia Leaders (Leaders' Retreat) at the State Ballroom at Government House Victoria by Mr. Anthony Albanese (The Honorable Anthony Albanese MP), Prime Minister of Australia. as the opening speaker and made a statement on the topic 'Vision for the region, important strategic issues and guidelines for cooperation between ASEAN and Australia in dealing with and How ASEAN and Australia Can Work Together to Address Shared Challenges (Vision for the Region, Strategic Issues and How ASEAN and Australia Can Work Together to Address Shared Challenges) The Prime Minister made a statement expressing his confidence that Regional stability world landscape And working together to address common concerns will determine the success of the established strategy. The Prime Ministers exchanged views on key challenges: 1. The need to promote peace and stability in the region amid competition between great powers. which believes that we all have the same vision is a free, open, rules-based and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, and the Prime Minister welcomed the US and China uses Thailand as a forum for discussions to maintain stability in relations. Additionally, regional and multilateral institutions need to be strengthened to promote trust-building and confidence. We hope that Australia will support the ASEAN mechanism. This includes the participation of AUKUS and the Quad. The Prime Minister said that the Indo-Pacific is a region with potential. Stability and prosperity depend on free, open and rules-based navigation. Therefore, we are pleased to cooperate in maritime security. and other cooperation under the AS EAN Outlook in the Middle East There is concern about events in Gaza. want to reiterate the claim To end the violence and fighting, call for the immediate release of all hostages. which includes Thai people as well The Prime Minister spoke about the situation in Myanmar. It is believed that a peaceful, stable and united Myanmar solution is a political solution. However, in order to provide humanitarian assistance Thailand has initiated a project to deliver humanitarian assistance. It is part of ASEAN's joint efforts to advance the Five Points Consensus, which will hopefully pave the way for constructive dialogue. and provide a platform for Myanmar's engagement with the international community. The Prime Minister is pleased that ASEAN fully supports Thailand. And I hope that Australia will also support this initiative. 2. The need to promote economic partnership and development in the face of rapid geoeconomic change. We must protect our economy and supply chains through market diversification and investment . ASEAN and Australia can complement each other's strengths to enhance human security, especially health. and food security Thailand, as an important development partner in the Mekong Subregion, believes that support and Australia's participation in strengthening capacity and supporting networks of security agencies. including going through the Bali process It is very necessary. 3. The need for cooperation to address climate change It is a clear challenge. and current We must do more to transition away from fossil fuels. Thailand aims to be a leading producer of clean energy. and is the center of electric cars Thailand has increased investment in renewable energy with a goal of increasing its share to 50% by 2040, including issuing sustainability bonds. and has already raised $12.5 billion. Thailand is also in the process of drafting the Clean Air Act and the Climate Change Act. The Prime Minister said that another urgent challenge is the PM2.5 problem, which affects people's health security. Thailand joins with neighboring countries to create a Joint Plan of Action (CLEAR Sky), a strategy to solve the pollution problem. Smog crosses the border We hope to cooperate with Australia in this area. At the end, the Prime Minister said that ASEAN-Australia relations It has reinforced our commitment to promoting and developing partnerships. Towards a region that is peaceful, secure and stable. The Prime Minister is confident that the meeting will be successful in accordance with the vision exchanged today. Source: Thai News Agency