FIFA warns Brazil may be banned

Brazil, FIFA warns the Brazilian Football Federation. If problems within the organization are not resolved, "Brazil" may be banned from participating in all competitions sanctioned by FIFA. The International Football Federation (FIFA) has sent a final warning to the Brazilian Football Federation, stating that the Samba team may be banned from participating in all FIFA-sanctioned competitions. If problems within the organization cannot be completed After a problem within the Brazilian Football Federation At the beginning of last December Because there was a court order that Ednaldo Rodríguez be removed from the position of president of the federation. Judge in a Brazilian court Agreeing to petition to invalidate the latest election. with an order to hold new elections within 30 days

This case caused great concern to FIFA. Because it is considered the use of a third party to intervene in the activities of the football organization. or linked to matters of politics.

Source: Thai News Agency

Chonburi beat Muang Thong 2-1, ending a 5-match losing streak.

Bangkok, Chonburi FC won at home against Muang Thong United 2-1, successfully ending a losing streak in the league of 5 consecutive matches.

Football "Revo Thai League 2023/24" big match at Chonburi UTA Stadium yesterday, Chonburi FC met Muangthong United at home, starting 2 minutes in, the locals in blue shirts. They took the lead quickly from a beautiful narrow free kick by Channarong Promsrikaew. However, in the 23rd minute, Jean Claude Bilon scored a header to tie Muangthong to 1-1, but 2 minutes before the end of the first half, Willian Lira followed up and added. The goal gave Chonburi the lead again at 2-1. The second half was unable to score any more goals. The game ended with Chonburi winning at home against Muang Thong 2-1, successfully stopping the losing streak in the league for 5 consecutive matches, collecting 3 points. Having played 14 matches, there were 13 points. Ranked 15th, second lowest, while Muang Thong has played 15 matches with 18 points, at 9th.

Source: Thai News Agency

‘Settha’ watches boxing at ONE Lumpini 46, proud of ‘Muay Thai’, a sport with many viewers.

Bangkok, "Settha" and "Pae Thongtarn" watch boxing at ONE Lumpini 46, very proud of Muay Thai, the sport with the most viewers in the world. Hope to see boxers and boxing teachers Exporting Thai heritage to the world

Yesterday evening (22 Dec. 2023) Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Travel to watch the ONE Lumpini 46 boxing match at the Royal Thai Army Sports Development Center. Lumpini Thai Boxing Stadium, Ramintra Road, Bang Khen District, at the invitation of Mr. Pimon Srivikorn, Advisor to the Prime Minister. As chairman of the sports industry driving subcommittee Along with General Charoenchai Hinthao, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army, Mr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand. and Ms. Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, Vice Chairman of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee, jointly

Then the Prime Minister Went on stage to give a special speech, Soft Power of Muay Thai, saying hello to everyone who is watching the historic boxing match around the world. No matter where you are He was very pleased to stand at the Lumpini boxing ring. To watch the One Lumpinee 46 competition being broadcast live around the world. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Chatri Sityodthong, owner of the ONE Championship boxing ring, for bringing the Championship to the world and preserving Muay Thai as a national martial art sport. As a Thai person, I feel proud to be Very much at Muay Thai It is one of the world's most viewed sports. and has become a soft export The greatest power and is the most well-known of Thailand to the world

"I hope to see Muay Thai athletes and Muay Thai teachers compete, train and pass on cultural heritage to the world," the Prime Minister stated.

Source: Thai News Agency

Preview of the Premier League big match: Liverpool vs. Arsenal

England, English Premier League, the big match tonight, Liverpool, ranked 3rd, meets Arsenal, the leader, competing at midnight.

English Premier League, big match tonight. At half past midnight, the "Reds" Liverpool, ranked 3rd with 38 points, will open and field to meet "The Gunners" Arsenal, the leader with 39 points, which is considered a bet on the leader's position by manager Jurgen Klopp. The Reds are preparing to send a large group of players onto the field in this match. After the rotation of players in the 5-1 defeat of West Ham to advance to the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup to meet Fulham, they will have Mohamed Sallah, Luis Diaz. , Trent Alexander-Arnold and Alisson Becker returned to help the team, but Alexis Mac Allister, Diogo Jota, And Rue Robertson, Thiago Alcantara and Stefan Bycetic have not been able to return to help the team in this match.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager Still has no rights to use the injured person. including Jorginho, Thomas Partey, Yurrian Timber, Takehiro Tomiyasu and Fabio Vieira, but the rest of the main players have no injury problems and are ready to go on the field to chase. 3 points in this match, led by Martin Odegaard, coordinating in the midfield with Declan Rice, Kai Havertz, while the front three are Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus. S and Gabriel Martinelli .

Source: Thai News Agency

Two Thai sailors win tickets to the 2024 Olympic Games

Chonburi, Two Thai sailboat athletes. Thank you for all the encouragement. After being able to win 2 tickets to the 2024 Olympic Games from Sofia Gale Montgomerie and Athit Mikel Romanik.

Admiral Adung Phan-iam, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Presiding over the ceremony to award medals to the winners. In the Asian Sailing Championships and Asian Continental Olympic Qualifier for Paris 2024 Olympic Games at the Rajwaroon Sailing Club Association, Pattaya City, Chonburi Province. with Admiral Somprasong Nilsamai, President of the Sailing Sports Association of Thailand, and Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul. Members of the International Olympic Committee and Mr. Quanhai Li, President of the World Sailing Federation, attended the ceremony with Thai sailors. Won 2 tickets for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Yesterday was the last day of the competition. Two Thai athletes Can win 2 tickets to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games: Sofia Gale Montgomery in the ILCA6 category and Athit Mikel Romanik from the ILCA7 category.

Sofia revealed that she feels fun every time she competes, excited and very happy. Happy to have Olympic tickets. and thank you everyone Including the coach, while Atit said he was glad that he had been intent on practicing for many years. and was able to successfully win Olympic tickets In addition, both of them Thank you to the Sailing Sports Association of Thailand. Sports Authority of Thailand and PTTEP as well as our Thai brothers and sisters who sent encouragement.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Warong” promotes 3 policies to compete for the position of president of Thai football.

Sukhumvit, "Warong Viwat", one of the candidates for president of the Football Association of Thailand, announced his policy to take football out of politics. Accelerate restructuring and increase standards to create value.

"Pok" Mr. Warong Vithawan, one of the candidates for president of the Football Association of Thailand. Opening a statement of 3 policies: adjusting structure, creating value, and increasing standards. It will hasten to adjust the administrative structure that is not consistent with the current era. decreased value including judging standards and domination and interference from outside politics especially the election Because the candidates for the council committee come from the club. It seems like the sound has already been heard, big clubs are sending players out on loan. It is reciprocal. Or many clubs are business owners. Support the team in hopes of getting votes. What should be done is to be neutral and not political. and can be checked

As for the administration of the Thai national team There must be a clear separation between the associations. who manages the national team with a league that manages itself The national team must always come before the club. and would like to leave the club members who have the right to vote I want change to be seen as everyone's business. The old methods cannot lead to new results. I want you to look at the overall importance of the Thai football industry.

The Election Commission Thai Football Association Announcement of names of election candidates There are 4 people who have the right to apply for the position of President of the Association, consisting of Mrs. Nuanphan Lamsam, Mr. Warong Witawat, Mr. Phayurin Ngampring and Mr. Thanasak Suraprasert. As for Nakhomkrit Napalai, submit additional documents and Mr. Surachai Nivas. There are not enough nominees according to the regulations. The election of the president of the Football Association is scheduled. It will take place on February 8, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. at the Thai Football Association.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thai Jet Ski concludes the World Cup-World Series, winning world championships in 11 divisions.

The Thai Jet Ski team has won world championships in 11 categories. Today they added another 6 categories, concluding the Jet Ski World Championships.

The Jet Ski World Championship, W GP One, Waterjet World Cup and World Series 2023 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, the final day of competition. It is the conclusion of the World Cup and World Series champions this season, with the Thai jet ski team winning the World Cup title, adding another 6 divisions, starting with one of the top 5 divisions in the world, the passenger boat division. Profession 1,100 cc Open PRO Runabout 1100 OPEN

'Boy' Suphatat Futrakul, number 1 of Thailand, age 31, who has a high score from the first day. Won the world championship without competition, coming in 1st place again in Moto 3 and 4, becoming the world champion with a full 240 points. The runner-up is Book Sermsuwan and 3rd place Kasidit Teeraprateep, while the World Series champion belongs to Louie Bu. Hisan from the Philippines by Suphathat revealed that this championship was as planned.

professional standing boat model Pro-AM Ski Stock engine modification is prohibited. Narathip Thongyu, a Thai racer who brought a full 120 points from the first 2 motos, also did not miss the world championship. The last 2 motos came in 2nd place in both motos, thus becoming the world champion. His first pro season had 226 points. The runner-up and 3rd place went to the Thai national team twins Thanawin Moly and Thanawit Moly. The World Series champion went to Matthias Rinas from Esto. Nia

In addition, the Thai jet ski team also won world championships from all 4 youth time trial divisions aged 8-13 years, resulting in the World Cup when combined with the results in the beginner, amateur, and semi-professional divisions that the Thai jet ski team won. World champions in 5 different generations, making the Thai national team win world championships in 11 different generations.

While today there was a surprise when Jay Jetrin Wattanasin, a famous artist and former world-class jet skier It is an inspiration to many people. Came out to show off the new jet ski boat, SEADOO RXP X325, year 2024, which has another powerful performance model. Calling cheers from the entire stadium.

Police General Detnarong Suthichanbancha Chairman of the competition organizer Confirmed that the competition was a success. from more countries participating in the competition than last year Including the number of people attending the event.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Bass-Porpo” eliminated from Badminton World Tour Finals 2023

China, “Bass-Porpo” the world's number 6 guide and former two-time champion, eliminated from the group stage of the Badminton World Tour Finals 2023. In China

Badminton "World Tour Finals 2023" in Hangzhou, China, mixed doubles, Group A, "Bass" Dechaphon Puavaranukroh and "Porpo" Sapsiree Taerattanachai, world number 6 and former champion. 2 times from Thailand who lost two matches in a row, defeated Chen Tang Jie and Toh Yi Wei, the 8th ranked guide in the world from Malaysia, 2-1, game 18-21, 21-18, 21-14, took 1 hour 10. Minutes grabbed 3rd place in the group, unfortunately missing out on the next round.

Another men's singles match, Group B, "View" Kulwut Vitidsarn, number 5 in the world, lost to Anders Antonsen, number 11 in the world from Denmark, 0-2, 16-21, 11-21, causing View to finish in 1st place. 4 of the group with the result of losing 3 games in a row .

Source: Thai News Agency