“Chatchat” inspects schools in Bangkok for the first day of the semester

The governor of Bangkok inspects schools in Bangkok for the first day of school. Promote quality schools near home Reiterate the security of the counted ballot storage room People can also check. Lat Krabang District Recount or not, it's up to the Election Commission to manage.

Chatchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok visit students And teachers on the first day of the semester, schools under Bangkok. Today is the first day. It was found that parents will use motorcycles to transport their children. Stories from avoiding traffic jams Most everyone wears a hat, which BMA attaches importance to children's helmets. because more than 70% of students in Bangkok ride motorcycles Therefore, more than 130,000 hats have been distributed. Bangkok has a total of 437 schools, most of which are elementary schools. More than half of the students are elementary school students. therefore attach importance At the early childhood level, education and health are at the heart of reducing inequality. BMA, which is an important problem dimension of BMA, therefore focuses on the quality of teachers. Do not do a lot of paperwork return the teacher to the student improve food There's a salad bar in the morning so the kids get all the nutrients they need. Encourage active learning to engage more students. All that is done is focused on making School near home for quality

As for the measures to prevent COVID-19 It is also recommended to wear a mask. alcohol hand wash The teacher will take care of it properly. Because from the number of new infected people in Bangkok yesterday, the number of 1,900 is still high, but most of them have few symptoms and do not need to go to the hospital. But when the semester opens still have to be careful of the outbreak in school Continued preventive measures are still required.

The governor of Bangkok said that Regarding the counting of votes in past elections went well There are some problems. But it can help to monitor and fix it. The card vault still has a security system equipped with CCTV cameras. People can still check, which Bangkok will take care of as well. Whether or not there will be a new count of votes is up to the Election Commission of Thailand to confirm that the BMA is ready to work with all parties. because the result is the majority of the people If there is a new government sooner It will help speed up solving many outstanding issues. Especially wanting to speed up the problem of BTS that wants to talk about debt issues. On various outstanding resolutions Along with many other problems that must be worked together, such as PM2.5 dust problems, etc. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency


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