Chiang Mai’s pollution levels still exceed the critical point. Poor air quality

Pollution levels still exceed the critical point. Wildfire smoke covered Chiang Mai for several days in a row. This morning the air quality is the 5th worst in the world. Chiang Mai is still covered by forest fire smog throughout the province. Long-lasting contact Pollution levels exceed the critical point. Today is the 70th day people have been affected. There is a burning sensation in the eyes and nose. Many people are protecting themselves by wearing N95 masks. This morning, Chiang Mai still found as many as 42 hot spots, distributed in 15 districts, up to 8 in the Wiang Haeng District area, and the rest scattered in various districts. causing both smog and fog in the area and smog floating across the border. Meanwhile, forest areas in Mae Ping National Park on high mountains in Doi Tao District There are still forest fires burning for the third day in a row, over the past two days. Officials flew in helicopters to sprinkle water to extinguish the fire. But still unable to put out all the forest fires. Today the district has requested helicopter support for the third day using the water sources in Doi Tao Lake. It is a source of water for extinguishing fires. While the IQ Air website Report at 7:00 a.m. ranked Chiang Mai. Has the 5th worst air quality in the world. - Source: Thai News Agency