China-Based Mobile Finance Service Provider 9F Inc. Achieves a Milestone: P2P Platform Link+Plus hits 10 Million Users

BEIJING, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — China’s Internet-based finance industry has welcomed a piece of good news recently: 9F Inc.’s P2P platform has surpassed the 10 million user mark and is the first among its peers to do so. This is a great milestone for the industry. The actual number of users as of the writing of this news release is 10.08 million, of which, 9.32 million are mobile users, accounting for more than 90%. During the most recent 3 months, 3.56 million transactions have been processed through the platform.

PC-based finance is on the decline, while mobile-based finance is gaining the upper hand

Since gaining traction in the market in 2013, the general public is both amazed by and pleased with the unexpected outstanding performance of internet-based finance services. While Yu’e Bao’s "Bao Legions" have prevailed over its competitors in the sector, internet-based finance services are quickly gaining popularity. With the momentum for additional growth well underway, P2P platforms were the natural next step: growth of the platforms over the last year has been duly impressive. A growing number of P2P platforms are now trying every which way to secure customers, while a large number of the platforms have collapsed due to bad management. How is it that quickly won tens of millions of users?

As early as in 2013, 9F Inc. founder and CEO Keaton Sun said that, looking forward, mobile finance would gain the upper hand within the larger realm of internet-based finance. He explained that 9F Inc. had spent a good two years simply exploring and understanding how to best enter the mobile side of the industry. The potential of mobile finance becomes obvious given that PC usage rate is on the decline and the pace of growth among new users is slowing down.

Popularity Survey

What is equally important is not only the number of users in a segment, but also the quality of those users. Keaton Sun believes that purchasing power is not of utmost importance. The longer the user has been a member of the platform, the more valuable he or she becomes. The most direct way to judge the loyalty of a user nowadays is to monitor usage. The overall level of activity is a valid indicator of the platform’s popularity, user retention and how a user is embedded into the platform. The statistics which can be derived from the usage monitoring become the basis for future development.

Leaders with many years of experience in the sector had already realized years ago what makes an internet business work: awesome products, user engagement and iteration. For mobile finance products, how does one build awesome products and realize product iteration? 9F Inc.’s answer consists of 2 elements: LINK and PLUS.

9F Inc.’s mobile finance strategy: Link+Plus

9F Inc.’s LINK means the platform can connect all application scenarios and portals that are used in finance, installment borrowing, big data mining and other related businesses, effectively providing users with mobile, portable small-to-micro finance services. has created a mobile-based finance ecosystem, providing leading industry players, vertical portals, and social media apps with access to, what is essentially, a mobile finance "plug in." The service is placed on the partner’s app, based on a win-win cooperation model.

9F Inc.’s PLUS means the company will continuously grow its channel business and maintain its innovative spirit through the establishment of an in-house incubator environment dedicated to creative development of mobile finance products and solutions. PLUS’s mobile finance account system provides value-added services to users and one-stop ancillary services for customers.

Through the creation of its own end-to-end ecosystem, 9F Inc. meets the user’s needs with a diverse range of customized products, each with its own unique selling proposition, developed by leveraging the full integration of resources. On the other hand, the flexibility of the platform opens the door to a high level of creativity, which, in turn, leads to the ongoing realization of innovative products. Through these 2 methods, 9F Inc. can better satisfy users’ needs as well as enhance user retention and the effectiveness of word of mouth. Taking these strategies into account, the explosive growth of the user base has not been at all surprising.

With mobile finance as the core development strategy, 9F Inc. has attained a number of industry firsts in addition to the milestone in terms of number of registered users: the big data-driven credit evaluation technology, the high degree of client retention, the high level of productivity per employee and the large number of partner banks.

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