China-based Tian’an Cyber Park Group, In Tandem with Silicon Valley Leaders, Kicks Off the “Silicon Valley Express” Series of Sino-US Tech Exchange Meetings

SHENZHEN, China, November 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The inaugural Corporate Innovation Ecosystem Conference, which was held in the Chinese city of Shenzhen on November 4th, brought together Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin, vice mayor Chen Biao, executives from businesses throughout the U.S.’s Silicon Valley and corporate leaders from more than 500 Chinese firms, including Tian’an Cyber Park Group. Tian’an Cyber Park Group president Dai Hongliang said in a wide-ranging interview with China Science and Technology Report’s reporters Wang Xiangming, Yang Tao and Wen Haibin that the firm will take advantage of the Silicon Valley Express Exchange Meeting and a number of other innovative schemes to allow real-time exchanges with and updates from Silicon Valley-based firms in terms of capital, talents, information, technology and education resources.

A presentation conference for Shenzhen Longgang District Innovation Environment's and Tian'an Cyber Park's Silicon Valley Express Exchange Conference was officially held in Shenzhen on November 4th

Mr. Dai, along with government officials from Shenzhen and Menlo Park, California, delivered keynote speeches on Shenzhen’s innovation ecosystem from the perspective of macro-development during the conference, while attendees and opinion leaders brought insights and ideas into the in-depth discussions that covered topics such as the effect of knowledge transfer on the innovation ecosystem, the value of the Silicon Valley Express Exchange Meeting, thoughts on the creation of a “Ventures Boulevard” for start-ups as well as a presentation of the prototype of the Tian’an Cyber Park’s T4 innovation ecosystem.

Previously, on August 30th (U.S. local time), a presentation conference for Shenzhen Longgang Innovation Environment and Tian’an Cyber Park’s Silicon Valley Express Exchange Meeting was jointly held by the Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau, the local government of Shenzhen’s Longgang District, SINOSV LLC and Tian’an Cyber Park Group. During the event, the government of Longgang, Tian’an Cyber Park and China Silicon Valley, an association, inked a cooperation agreement on the initiation of the Silicon Valley Express exchange meetings and the joint establishment of a Silicon Valley incubator, while a US-Chinese think tank focused on innovation and transformation inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Tian’an Cyber Park Group.

Shenzhen’s mayor Xu Qin said, “Shenzhen will further perfect the innovation system, while supporting and encouraging innovations from both the private and public sectors as well as creating a law-based international business environment, with the aim of transforming Shenzhen Special Economic Zone into a ‘Promised Land’ for entrepreneurs and thought leaders.” The Win the Future via the Corporate Innovation Ecosystem Conference brought together start-ups, academics and administrators of colleges and universities as well as executives from financial institutions to provide a platform for opinion exchanges, which will further inspire unlimited innovation.

By creating a group for thought leadership around start-ups, venture capital, management of projects, incubators, entrepreneurs and recruitment of talent while fostering a positive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation that can better Beijing’s Zhongguancun, the innovation ecosystem will further stimulate and drive the vigor and dynamism of the city that is Shenzhen.

Menlo Park’s mayor Ray Mueller, speaking for the city that is home to both Facebook and the Stanford Research Institute, said during his speech that he hopes more such similar events will be held in a move to enhance even more comprehensive collaborations on capital and technology between Chinese firms such as Tian’an Cyber Park Group, Huawei, BYD and their U.S.-based counterparts, creating a win-win for all parties and stimulating yet more frequent exchanges between the two countries. The mayor added that he is confident about the prospects for mutual win-win partnerships between Longgang District and Silicon Valley that in terms of technology and innovation truly speak to making best use of the talent that is resident in the two locales.

Mr. Dai said during the interview, “Through an online interactive lecture hall that will simulcast from locations in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley, we will invite celebrities from across the political and business spectrums as well as academics and renowned professionals from Silicon Valley to provide on the air presentations and speeches and to participate in Q&A sessions online. In addition, a planned cooperation with Stanford University will enable an in-depth partnership in education including online classrooms and the awarding of degrees.” Tian’an Cyber Park, which was previously one of the firms that had gotten in on the ground floor of Shenzhen’s boom in commercial real estate, is committed to innovation and entrepreneurship and has first-hand witnessed and taken part in the country’s industrial reform. The firm has become a one-stop-shop for growth firms seeking advice and assistance as well as one of important contributors to the remaking of Shenzhen into the technology powerhouse that it is today. Tian’an Cyber Park has established strategic partnerships with more than 100 top firms, business institutions and service providers in their respective sectors during the 24 years of the firm’s existence. It has already helped approximately 40 firms to successfully go public and is on track to providing the same level of support to an additional 50+ firms to do so, making it the best partner for China firms seeking a channel for their growth prospects.

In line with its philosophy encapsulated in the company motto “Corporate Dreams, Go Further,” Tian’an Cyber Park has continually contributed to the establishment of an ideal corporate innovation ecosystem, providing growth firms with suitable and efficient development solutions and encouraging and supporting start-ups to make their dreams come true, added Mr. Dai.

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