China finds new species of “ancient fish” fossils dating back more than 430 million years

CHANGSHA, July 13 (Xinhua) -- A study from the journal Historical Biology reveals that Chinese researchers have discovered a fossil species of galeaspid. A new species in the Xiushan Rock Formation in Hunan Province, central China. Which is about 438 million years old. This species of fish used to live in the Silurian period, 410-440 million years ago.

The Xiushan Formation of the Silurian period is a broadly distributed paleontological formation in southern China. Experts consider the rock formation to be an important breeding ground for invertebrates. But it is not a suitable habitat for closed Galias.

The report states that the Galias fish species "Dayongaspis colubra" (Dayongaspis colubra) are the first such fish species in the Xiushan Formation. This defies the conventional view that this ancient fish could not survive in the Xiushan Rock Formation.

The findings also indicate that the Galias fossils were distributed from the upper part of the Rongxi Formation to the lower part of the Xiushan Formation. This indicates a wider rock hierarchy than was previously assumed.

Source: Thai News Agency