China Prepares for Connected Vehicle & ITS Expo and Forum

SHANGHAI, September 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizers of the China Connected Vehicle & ITS Expo and Forum 2014, have provided details of the upcoming event to be held in Shanghai, October 28-29.


Conference Opening & Keynote Speech

Oct. 28





Opening Speech

Official from SHEITC


Opening Speech

Mr. Yu Xiaohui, Chief Engineer, China MIIT


Opening Speech

Philipp Barth, DG Connect


Opening Speech

IOT China organizer


Keynote Speech: ITS Development in China

Mr. Wu Zhongze,

Chairman, China ITS Association


Tea Break


Keynote Speech: IOT Technologies and Smart City

Academician, Jiaotong University


IOT Global Challenges

Peter Friess, DG Connect


Announcement of Sino-EU IOT Whitepaper

Philippe Cousin eGlobalmark

Ms. Li Haihua Vice Chief Engineer, MIIT

Mr. Ge Yuming, PhD, MIIT

Oct. 28 Connected Vehicle/ITS Session

Moderator: Mr. Zhang Jinhua, Executive VP & Secretary-general, SAE China





Keynote Speech: Development of Connected Vehicle Technologies

Mr. Li Keqiang, Chair & Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University


Development of Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS)

Mr. Wang Yunpeng, Dean & Professor, Transportation College, Beihang University


Connected Vehicle Application

Vice President in North America, Ford Motor


Connected Vehicle Application

Yasuhisa Fujiwara, General Manager of e-CRS & Telematics Div, Toyota


Tea Break


Development of Connected Vehicle and Smart Car

Mr. Gong Jinfeng, VP & Doctor, Senior Chief Expert, China Automotive Technology & Research Center


The opportunity of auto industry in mobile productivity age

Mr.Li Yi, the secretary of CMIIA


The Practice of Connected Vehicle

Ziel Puls


Connected Vehicle Application

China Unicom

Oct. 29 Morning

Moderator: Mr. Guan Jizhen, Secretary-general, China ITS Association





Development of ITS in Shanghai

Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission


Connected Vehicle & Traffic Safety

Mr. Fang Shouen, Professor, Tongji University


Connected Vehicle Application

Diane Jurgens, Managing Director On-Star


Tea Break


The Open Platform of Connected Vehicle

Mr. Ma Zheren, Vice President, Tencent


The practice of ITS

Mr. Huang XiaoBin, Technique director of China Telecom


Connected Vehicle Application

Ralf Willenbrock, Head of ITS, Deutsche Telekom


Development of Vehicle Electronic Identification

Mr. Sun Zhengliang, Vice Director & Researcher, Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security

Oct. 29 Afternoon

Moderator: Mr. Wu Liji, Professor, Tsinghua University





Traffic Condition Sensing and Applications based on Connected Vehicle

Chen Hongjie, Vice President, SEARI


Mobile Internet and ITS

Mr. Yang Jing, Chief Scientist & Doctor, China Mobile Labs


The Practise of Connected Vehicle

BrightBox, Russia


The Pracitse of Connected Vehicle

Allen Pogorzelski, Senior Director, Jasper


Tea Break


Discussion Panal

Moderator: Lu Lingtao

Geely Motor, Bosch, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Navinfo, etc.


Sino-EU Connected Vehicle & ITS cooperation accelerator session

Moderator: Michel Parent

State of the art in R&D- presentation of cutting edge solutions

EU experts

Market Access Issues

EU experts

Cooperation Opportunities

Discussion panel & interaction

EU & China experts



Society of Automobile Engineers of China (SAE China)
China Intelligent Transportation System Association (China ITS)
CCPIT Shanghai Sub-council


Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (SIEC)

Special Supporters:

Shanghai Urban Construction and Traffic Development Institute (Shanghai City Comprehensive Transportation Planning Institute, Shanghai Traffic Information Center)
Shanghai Smart City Promotion Center

Technical Partner:

Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering


Public Transport Society affiliated to the China Civil Engineering Society
Shanghai Public Transport Industrial Association
Shanghai Taxi and Car Rental Industry Association

Overseas Supporters:

Connekt / ITS Netherlands
Nomura Research Institute Consulting Co., Ltd.

Official Website:

China CV & ITS Expo and Forum Highlights

Brand-new Exhibition Form

Break the traditional exhibition form to create the model of Future Smart City

  • To initiate “Interactive Experience Zone,” displaying appliances to simulate smart life and reinforce visitors’ interactive experience
  • Paper-less information collection model

All traditional deliverables are outmoded; visitors can collect exhibitors’ information by scanning their smart phones.

  • The Big three telecom operators and leading car makers participating in connected vehicle industry gathering

Telecom operators: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, ZTE, Huawei, Bell, Ericsson

Car-makers: GM, Toyota, Ford Motor, Geely, Qoros

ITS: SEARI, The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, Bocom, Neusoft, Baosight

Industry Chain: Freescale Semiconductor, Microsoft, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Advanced Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated

Match-making in the venue

Big three telecom operators, telematics departments of car makers, integrators, software and hardware makers can be accessed through one-on-one speed matching. A number of complimentary seminars will be offered on site of the show ground.

Themed salons for professionals in connected vehicle / ITS industries

1.Public Transportation IT Salon
Organizers: China Civil Engineering Society, Public Transport Society

2. Post “Didi Taxi”Era – destructive change or smooth transition
Organizer: Shanghai Taxi and Car Rental Industry Association

3. Themed: Landing of Connected Vehicle – Business opportunities in auto aftermarket
Organizer: State Export Bases of Automobiles and Parts & Components (Shanghai)

4. Theme: New Media and Connected Vehicle
Organizer: Tencent Auto

5. Theme: Connected Vehicle and Automotive Aftermarket IT
Organizer: AC Innovative Communication Inc.

Industry Focuses and Highlights

Connected Vehicle / ITS
Global connected vehicle / ITS development
China connected vehicle / ITS development

Connected Vehicle

mobility IOT
Different positioning of connected vehicle and mobile internet
Cooperation between telecom operator and car-maker
Wireless Communications and Vehicular Networking
Mobile Internet, Mobility Internet and Internet of Things
Cooperative Driving, Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles
Automotive Electronics and Automatic Contro
Transportation and Connected Vehicles
Electric Vehicle and Transportation Electrification
Geographic, Spatial and Social Information Systems
Manufacturing and Product Safety Engineering in Connected Vehicles
Practices, Recommendations and Standards in Connected Vehicles
Policy, Economics and Social Implications of Connected Vehicles


Industrialization of ITS China researches
ITS infrastructure based on IOT technologies
ITS business model reengineering
International rules and standards on intelligent transportation
Traffic safety promoted by ITS
Safe and efficient commercial vehicle and cargo transport technologies
Automatic fleet management

Events Review

Celebrities and officials present at 2013 event

Mr. Wu Zhongze, Chairman, China ITS Association
Mr. Chen Jiachun, Deputy director of Communications Development Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Mr. Xu Yibo, Deputy Secretary-General, People’s Government of SH
Mr. Zhou Yupeng, Chairman, Shanghai Service Federation
Mr. Liu Jian, Deputy Director, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization
Mr. Jiang Miankang, Inspector, Shanghai construction and Transportation Committee
Mr. Zhao Yanlong, Deputy Director, Shanghai Network Information Office
Mr. Gu Jiahe, Deputy Director, Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission
Mr. Chen Jiezhong, Director, Shanghai Communications Administration
Mr. Jia Hongbao, Deputy Director, Shanghai Radio Administration Bureau
Mr. Wang Lie, Vice Chairman, CCPIT Shanghai Sub-council
Mr. Zhang Aiping, Deputy Director,
Mr. Chen Zhenhao, Chairman, Shanghai telecom users Committee

Connected Vehicle Forum

Mr. Li Chao, Executive Vice President, Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co., Ltd.
Mr. Makoto Tamura, Chief, Toyota e-CRB & telematics
Mr. Brett Wheatley, Vice President, Asia-Pacific Sales & Marketing, Ford Motor Company
Mr. Hu Hongxing, Director, Chery Automobile Telematics Lab
Mr. Huang Lebo, Chief Solution Architect, Ericsson China
Ms. Chen Yanfen, Vice GM, Industry Application and System Integration Center, China Unicom
Mr. Fan Fangshu, Product Planning Manager, SAIC Motor
Mr. She Shidong, Technology Director, TS SBU, Beijing Navinfo Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Lu Lingtao, Vice GM, Vcyber
Ms. Chen Xi, Marketing Manager, Edaijia

ITS Forum

Mr. Wu Zhongze, Chairman, China ITS Association
Mr. Taiichi Inoue, Project Manager, Nomura Research Institute Consulting Co., Ltd., Secretary General, Sino-Japanese IoT Alliance for Promotion
Mr. Yang Xiaoguang, Director, ITS Research Center, Tongji University
Mr. Yu Hong, Technology Director, Shanghai SEARI Intelligent System Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhu Tong, Project Director, The Third Research Institute of Public Security Ministry
Mr. Tian Hetao, Vice President, Shenzhen China Blog Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Public Transportation Forum

Mr. Hong Renchu, President, Shanghai bus (Group) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Ba Zhendong, General Manager, Zhengzhou Bus Communication Corporation
Mr. Wu Kun, General Manager, Shenzhen Fanstyle Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Wang Fengyu, Secretary General, China Public Transport Society
Mr. Pang Yicheng, CEO, D1EV
Mr. Cai Xiaying, Vice General Engineer, Shanghai bus (Group) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Li Yongsheng, President, Shenzhen bus (Group) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Xia Bangjin, General Engineer, Hefei Bus Group Co., Ltd.
Mr. Xiong Liangping, Vice General Manager, AnHui AnKai Automobile Co., Ltd.
Mr. Si Haijian, General Manager, Huanyu-Saier New Energy Tech Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hong Siming, Vice General Manager, Fugong Power Tech Co., Ltd.
Mr. Deng Ping, General Manager, Chongqing Hengtong Electric Vehicle Power System Co., Ltd.


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