Chinese flock to the Thai festival in Beijing Looking forward to traveling to Thailand

A long line of people waited to attend the 2023 Thai Festival held from March 11-12 at the Royal Residence of the Thai Embassy in Beijing. capital of china In the midst of the inclement weather during March

This year's Thai festival is complete with booths selling Thai food and desserts. Especially the young coconuts imported from Thailand that have attracted the attention of many visitors. While visitors can choose to dress in traditional Thai costumes to take pictures in the event. which gives an atmosphere as if walking in a market in Thailand

The annual Thai Festival is one of the biggest Thai cultural events in Beijing. This year's event attracted more than 6,000 attendees and brought together more than 50 Thai dishes from nearly 20 well-known Thai restaurants across Beijing.

Attayut Srisamut, Ambassador of Thailand to China Revealed that a wide variety of authentic Thai dishes was one of the highlights of this year's event, with Tom Yum Kung, Papaya Salad and grilled pork neck being the most popular dishes. And I'm glad that Thailand is still one of the tourist destinations that everyone wants to visit after the epidemic. Ready to express the hope that this Thai festival will attract more people to travel to Thailand

Pong, a Thai chef at Thai restaurant "Very Siam", revealed that he frequently came to the booth at Thai festivals until customers were fascinated by his skills and followed him to eat at the restaurant. who dressed in Thai costumes to come to the booth this year Revealed that she prepared a new menu such as Thai-style pickled shrimp for the participants to taste. And hopes that her enthusiasm will make customers feel as if Thai people are cooking for guests to eat at home.

Jin, one of the visitors Said she liked Thai culture and was impressed by the enthusiasm and friendliness of the Thai people. She looks forward to traveling to Thailand again in the near future.

Incidentally, statistics from the Thai Immigration Office More than 300,000 Chinese tourists visited Thailand from January 1 to March 7, 2023, making China the country with the fourth largest number of tourists visiting Thailand.

Source: Thai News Agency