Cold weather forecast on Sunday for most of Thailand

Temperatures in most of Thailand, except the south, are forecast to drop by 2-6oC on Sunday, due to the arrival of a strong new cold front from China, the Meteorological Department reported today (Saturday).

In the northeast, the mercury is forecast to fall by 4-6oC, whereas, in the northern, eastern and central regions, including Bangkok and its suburbs, temperatures are expected to drop by 2-4oC.

Heavy rain, due to the north-easterly monsoon looming over the Gulf of Thailand and the south, is forecast for southern provinces and this may cause flash flooding at mountain bases and river overflows.

Rough seas and strong winds are forecast in the Gulf, with 2-metre waves and even rougher seas in stormy areas. People living along the eastern coastline of the south are warned of the danger of storm surges.

Small vessels are advised to remain ashore.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service