College director decides to end his role as the director

Saint Gabriel's College director Assistant Professor Vinai Viriyavidhayavongs has decided to suspend his role as the college's director for a temporary period following a four-hour protest today (Monday) by students, lecturers and parents of students, demanding his resignation for alleged mismanagement.

The embattled director told students, alumni, lecturers and parents of students at the conference hall of the college in the afternoon that he was ready to suspend his role as the director if Saint Gabriel's College does not want me.

He told the audience that there were about 5,000 people who wanted him to leave while there were about 80-90 percent others who were not at the college who might tell him to stay on.

After the meeting, the director wrote a letter to the bishop of Saint Garbiel Foundation notifying the bishop of his decision to end his role as director of the college for a temporary period.

Opponents of the director have cast doubt about his alleged mismanagement in three main issues: the poor quality of lunch meals for small students; alleged misuse of 70-millin baht fund raised from parents for improper activities; and the downgrading of the quality of education at the college.

Mr Payom Chinnawong, secretary-general of Private Education Promotion Commission, noted that Saint Grabiel's College is a legal entity and it was within the authority of the board of the college to resolve the internal problem.

However, he said that his office was willing to give a helping hand if there was a request from the college.

Mr Kasem Jamnilkul, a representative of the parents, said parents welcome the director's decision to end his role at the college, adding that they don't have any objection if the management sends in a replacement.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)